How much does a set of first-class sunflower seed edible oil refining equipment cost?

How much does a set of oil refining equipment for first-class sunflower seed edible oil cost? Sunflower oil refining machine manufacturer BTMA Machinery Company will explain in detail for you.

The finished edible oil is divided into four grades according to the requirements of the national standard, from high to low, they are first grade oil, second grade oil, third grade oil and fourth grade oil. Crude sunflower oil is a product obtained by pressing or leaching vegetable oils. Some harmful substances contained in crude oil exist naturally, and some are produced during production or storage.

The sunflower seed oil refining process is divided into several steps: degumming, neutralization, decolorization, deodorization, dehydration, dewaxing and other steps. According to the variety of crude oil, some or all of the sunflower oil refining processes can be used.

Sunflower oil refining Degumming is the first step in the sunflower oil refining process. The sunflower oil refining degumming process consists only of hydration from crude oil. Some impurities such as phospholipids, colloids and proteins are soluble in oil when there is no water, but cannot be dissolved in oil once hydrated, which is the principle of hydration degumming. However, there is still some gum in the oil after hydration, which requires acidification to remove it.

Alkaline refining Neutralization is the second step in the sunflower oil refining process. Alkali refining and neutralization is to use caustic soda to neutralize the free fatty acids in the oil to saponify them. Free acid is no longer soluble in water after saponification, so it can be separated by precipitation or centrifugation. Neutralization cannot be completed after removal of free acids, since nonhydratable phospholipids must also be removed at this stage. In addition, it also reduces the amount of secondary components such as metal ions and pigments.

Sunflower oil refining decolorization is the third step in the sunflower oil refining process. The decolorization process uses suitable adsorption materials to remove pigments such as carotene and chlorophyll. Sunflower oil refining decolorization is an important process to remove residual phospholipids, metal ions and oxides before deodorization. In addition, removal of other impurities is also important as it directly affects the flavor and oxidation properties of the deodorized oil.

In most cases, deodorization is the last step in the sunflower oil refining process. The main purpose of sunflower oil refining and deodorization is to remove substances that affect the smell and taste of the oil. In physical refining, free acids can also be removed. Sunflower oil refining deodorization process can be continuous, semi-continuous or batch. In general, the three steps of sunflower oil refining and deodorization are as follows:

1. Gas analysis and heating: Before the decolorized oil is heated by heat exchange with the deodorized oil, the air in the oil must be exhausted at first.

2. Deodorization: Steam is sprayed through a series of pumps, and the oil is in full contact with the steam under the stirring of the steam, and the steam is evenly dispersed in the oil.

3. Cooling: The oil is cooled by heat exchange under vacuum conditions.

The price of refined oil equipment is related to the material and output of the equipment. Refining equipment is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel according to different materials. Some oils with high acid value can only be made of stainless steel, so the price is higher than that of carbon steel. The price of BTMA mechanical sunflower seed oil pressing and refining equipment ranges from US$2,000 to US$100 million.

The higher the output of refining equipment, the higher the equipment cost, and the higher the price naturally. On the other hand, the prices of raw materials in the market sometimes rise and fall, and the prices of refining equipment will also fluctuate accordingly. Therefore, how much does a set of first-class edible oil refining equipment cost, first of all, it is necessary to understand the output and equipment materials required by the user, in order to give an accurate quotation.

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