BTMA-What is Hydraulic oil press oil extraction method?

The hydraulic oil press oil extraction method uses the principle of hydrostatic pressure transmission to apply static pressure to the formed oil to extract the oil. In terms of oil pressing equipment, the hydraulic oil press is gradually being replaced by advanced screw presses.

In terms of oil production equipment, hydraulic oil presses are gradually being replaced by advanced screw presses, but for special oils and certain occasions, hydraulic oil presses still have their unique functions, and more advanced hydraulic oil presses has also been developed.

The working principle of the hydraulic oil press: The oil of the hydraulic oil press is based on the principle of hydraulic transmission, using small power to generate strong hydraulic oil pressure for squeezing.

The components of the hydraulic oil press are: 1. The hydraulic system, including pressure pumps, accumulators and pressure distribution devices, control valves, fuel tanks, and high-pressure pipeline systems. 2. The main frame of the oil press and the hydraulic circuit system.

      The operating requirement of the hydraulic oil press is that the oil must be delivered quickly at the beginning. First go to the low pressure, then go to the high pressure, and then stabilize the pressure and start draining. After starting to press, once the oil is flowing, you must do: “top hard, press lightly, loosen first and then tighten. When pressurizing, there must be a rhythm. When the pressure rises to the maximum working pressure, you must also ensure that the drain is given long enough. The oil time allows the oil to flow cleanly, and the industry becomes a “slow old pile”.

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