BTMA-automatic oil press for continuous oil pressing

The new multi-functional automatic screw oil press machine occupies a small area, has high production efficiency, has the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, etc. It also has special advantages such as automatic temperature control, one-time squeezing, high oil yield, vacuum filtration, and high production efficiency.
The multi-functional automatic screw oil press can be used for multiple purposes, and can process more than 20 kinds of oil products such as sesame, peanut, rapeseed, tea seed, soybean, oil sunflower, cottonseed, corn, and walnut. The four-stage pressed oil is vacuum-filtered, fragrant and attractive, and can be eaten directly or sold in bottles.

Fully automatic screw oil press is a device that automatically squeezes oil to produce edible oil. It is mainly used in individuals, oil mills, supermarkets, etc. The fully automatic screw press machine can be used to process any oil, both hot and cold pressing are suitable. The pressing method of different raw materials is different. Common materials such as rapeseed, peanut, sesame, flax, and sunflower are mostly used for hot pressing. Of course, it does not mean that cold pressing is not good. Compared with cold pressing, hot pressing has a higher oil yield and a richer aroma. Before pressing the oil, it will be stir-fried first.

Precautions for new multi-functional automatic screw oil press:

1. Do not arbitrarily open the tank cover when the pressure and velocity air in the oil filter tank is not exhausted.
2. When opening the exhaust valve, no part of the human body should face the exhaust hole.
3. The reliability of the safety valve on the oil filter tank must be checked at least once a quarter. If the working pressure is exceeded and the pressure is not exhausted, the safety valve must be readjusted or replaced.
4. The pressurized filtration method has a large driving force and is easy to operate, but to obtain a good filtration effect, the following points should also be done: ① Check the pipelines and valves frequently for leakage. If leakage is found, it should be repaired in time before use. ②If filtering grease, it should have a certain temperature (not lower than 80°C, low oil temperature and high viscosity, lower filtration efficiency) ③Always keep the filter medium (filter cloth) clean.
The filter cake produced after filtering the vegetable oil slurry is a compressible filter cake, which is easy to block the oil passage of the filter cloth. After using for a period of time, after removing the accumulated filter cake on the filter cloth, the filtration efficiency still drops seriously, and the filter cloth should be cleaned at this time. The specific method is: remove the filter cloth, first remove the filter cake on the filter cloth, then put the filter cloth into 10% edible white alkali water and heat it to about 60°C, scrub it with a brown brush, and dry it. reuse.
④ The fixed filter cloth at the bottom of the filter tank is generally not used for direct filtration, and should be covered with a movable filter cloth to reduce the trouble of cleaning and replacing the filter cloth and improve efficiency. ⑤Users can also choose suitable filter media (filter cloths and screens with different densities, etc.) according to their different requirements for filtration.

5. The safety of mechanical equipment and electrical appliances is particularly important. Customers should check whether there are hidden dangers in the electrical circuits, switches, insurance, etc. of the car machine.

The fully automatic temperature-controlled peanut frying pan produced by BTMA Machinery adopts advanced technology. It is a new type of seed frying machine used in oil mills or frying mills. It has an inclined drum and a circular channel inside the drum to heat the inner cylinder. There is a frying plate in the inner cylinder. , the raw material is continuously added into the inner cylinder, with the rotation of the drum.

It uses a resistance heating tube and a magnetic field induction eddy current to heat the frying pan to heat the objects in the pot, and is controlled by the temperature control system to achieve the ideal temperature and humidity of the objects.
Finally, welcome customers from all over the world to China BTMA company for purchasing.