BTMA What is the oil filter and how do it work?


What is the plate and frame oil filter?



This series of plate and frame oil filter is new product which is mainly used for oil and slag separation of crude oil. It is suitable for the filtration of oil from various oils such as rapeseed, tea seed, peanut, sesame, soybean and oil sunflower.

Plate and frame oil filter machine is consist of filter bed, fed pump and coarse filter. There are filtering media, such as filtering paper and filtering fabric, installed between the filter board and filter plate that will be fixed to form a solitude room and play the role of filtering under the pressure of the packing device


High quality coconut palm edible cooking oil purification filter machinery plate and frame filter press oil filter

Compared with the previous design, the gear pump process is used, the pressure is higher, and the failure rate is lower. It is an ideal equipment for the filtration production of various types of grease.


What it can be used for and what is the structure?


The oil filter is an oil purifier specially used in edible oil and vegetable oil processing plants.

This oil filter is especially suitable for filtering crude oil and refined oil. It can also be used to filter bleaching oil in refineries. This machine can also remove waste water and waste oil. It uses a fine mesh filter cloth, which is particularly useful in the purification of biodiesel.

The filter cloth between the filter plates forms many small rooms. Under high pressure, the oil passes through the filter cloth and leaves from the tap below the filter cloth. The plate oil filter meets the requirements of the IB/T 4333-1997 sub-chamber plate pressure oil filter.


As a professional supplier, we provide customers with a variety of oil purifiers. They all use the latest technology to enable filtration efficiency, longer life and minimal maintenance. It has the advantages of convenient operation, stable technical effect, high productivity, and low impurity content. They have different sizes and capacities. In addition, they can all be customized according to your specific needs.


The features about the plate and frame oil filter


*  It can be continuous production in 24 hours.


*  Maintenance is simple. Just need to change the filter clothes.


*  Low maintenance cost. Only clothes need to be replaced after a long use time. It cost a little.


*  Better filteration effect. The oil filtered is much clearer than others filter.


*  Energy saving. Only 0.75KW electricity is enough.


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