Brief introduction to sunflower seed oil extraction process

Frome BTMA company export price of sunflower seed oil press,the refining process of sunflower oil, small sunflower oil refining equipment manufacturers.sunflower seed oil extraction.

Frome BTMA company export price of sunflower seed oil press,the refining process of sunflower oil, small sunflower oil refining equipment manufacturers.sunflower seed oil extraction.

The common name of sunflower seeds is sunflower, also known as melon seeds. But how much do you know about sunflower seed oil extraction? The production process of sunflower oil is generally divided into pressing method and leaching method (refining method). The sunflower oil pressing process can retain almost all the nutrients in sunflower oil. The sunflower oil leaching and refining method has high oil yield and good economic benefits, and is a popular processing method in the modern oil industry.

①Sunflower seed pressing process

Sunflower seeds → cleaning and drying → shelling (removing sunflower seed shells) → billet rolling → steaming and frying → oil extraction (separating sunflower seed cakes) → filtering a sunflower seed crude oil (crude oil);

②Sunflower seed pre-pressing-extraction process

Separation of sunflower seed husks, pre-pressed oil, filtration → pre-pressed crude oil;
Sunflower seeds → cleaning and drying → shelling → crushing → crushing → steaming and frying → pre-pressing → pre-pressing cake → leaching → filtering and evaporative stripping → leaching crude oil wet meal → desolventization → sunflower seed meal;

Sunflower oil refining process

Crude sunflower oil→filtering→hydration (degumming)→alkali refining (deacidification)→decolorization-deodorization→dewaxing→finished oil soap foot oil foot;


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1. Squeeze method

The squeezing method, also known as the “physical squeezing method”, is to use external force to squeeze out the oil in the oil, and does not apply other chemical solvents, etc., to avoid the residue of organic solvents in the oil. The pressing production process retains the reasonable ingredients in sunflower seeds to a large extent – polyunsaturated fatty acids, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients that are beneficial to the human body, and are more suitable for special supplements for the human body health care.

2. Production process of sunflower oil by pressing method:

Screening→cleaning impurities→shelling→crushing→steaming→squeezing→pressing crude oil→coarse filtration→fine filtration→low temperature crystallization and growth→low temperature filtration→sunflower oil

(1) Material selection: Screen sunflower seeds with an oil content of 30% to 50%;
(2) Impurity removal: Use cleaning sieve and demagnetizer to remove iron, stone, grass, soil and other impurities in sunflower seeds;
(3) Stir-frying: Add sunflower seeds into the drum frying pan to heat them evenly, and then roast them. The roasting conditions are as follows: temperature 160°C, time 50 minutes, rotating drum frying pan 20-25 rpm/ point;
(4) Cooling: Use a fan to cool the roasted sunflower seeds, and reduce the temperature of the sunflower seeds to 45°C within 15 to 20 minutes, then place them in a cool place and spread them into a layer of sunflower seeds with a thickness of no more than 5cm. At the same time, prevent the pollution of dust and sundries, etc., and obtain raw materials after natural cooling to room temperature;

(5) Crushing: Weigh the raw materials and crush them with a steel mill, then put them in a clean container to obtain a paste-like sludge;
(6) Mixing: Add the paste sludge into the mixer, add water and stir evenly, wherein the amount of water is 8% to 10% of the mass of raw materials in step (5);
(7) Pressing: Wrap the mixed material with a clean filter cloth according to the mold. The diameter of the mold is 60cm and the thickness is 10cm. Then press it in a hydraulic oil press. The pressing condition is that the pressure is ≤ 80MPa, the pressure rise rate is 20MPa/hour, so as to obtain crude oil;
(8) Filtration: Filter the crude oil through a plate filter to remove impurities in the crude oil.