BTMA- What is The Material and Structure of Hydraulic Oil Press

We have explained the relevant knowledge of hydraulic oil press before, today we will explain the structure of hydraulic oil press in more detail.

The main parts are pistons, hydraulic cylinders, columns, movable upper beams, bases, oil pumps, barrels, electric heating rings and automatic temperature control devices. The materials are all made of high-quality metal materials, which improves the performance of the machine and ensures the service life of the components.

Press range of hydraulic oil press

Hot pressed oilseeds: sesame, flax, peanut, wheat germ, corn germ, etc.;

Cold pressed oilseeds: pine nuts, almonds, olives, walnuts, camellia seeds, macadamia nuts, etc.

Condiments and Chinese medicine: pepper, mustard seeds, perilla, etc.

Good oil quality: pure physical pressing, high oil yield, no temperature generated in the cold pressing process, no damage to the organic components of the oil, good oil quality, low impurity, high cake value, and wide application range.

Convenient operation and high efficiency: Mechatronics design, low failure rate, high degree of automation, it can be completed within 8 minutes from loading to delivery, beautiful appearance, simple operation (one person can operate multiple units.)

Precautions for the use of hydraulic oil press

1. The external power supply must be reliable, and the layout should be reasonable and safe.

2. When starting the machine to boost pressure or squeeze oil, the upper top plate must be completely closed. Open the top plate completely when serving the cake.

3. If any abnormality is found when the equipment is working, please stop and check to see if the hydraulic system and motor drive compensation fixing screws are loose, and whether the pipeline is leaking.

4. At the end of the work day, please clean up the residue inside and outside the barrel in time to prevent the oil residue from clogging the oil joints.

5. At the end of pressing, be careful not to raise the plunger too high to prevent the hydraulic oil from coming out.

6. Add the hydraulic oil of the specified brand, filter the hydraulic oil regularly and clean the oil tank. If the hydraulic oil is found to be reduced, it should be refilled in time.

7. If it is found that the pressure gauge is working abnormally, the operation should be stopped in time and the staff should be notified for maintenance.

8. Before the test machine, the user must reliably ground the enclosure or neutral wire in accordance with the regulations of the local power grid.

9. Do not open the electrical cabinet or fuel tank cover privately during the operation of the equipment

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