Pretreatment equipment for oil press production line— to improve the oil yield of oil

Before the oil seeds are pressed, they must go through a pretreatment process, and the quality of the pretreatment will directly affect the normal operation and oil yield of the oil press. Different oils have different oil pretreatment equipment configuration and process requirements, but mainly include the following items:

1. Clean up: The oil entering the processing plant contains some impurities (silt, stones, iron filings, etc.), if not carefully cleaned, it will accelerate the wear of the internal parts of the oil press, reduce the oil yield, and even cause failures and accidents. The supporting equipment includes: cleaning screen, stone removal machine, magnetic separator, etc.

2. Peel the shell: For oil plants with shells, they should be peeled off and then squeezed, which can improve production capacity and oil yield. The supporting equipment includes: shelling machine, separating screen, separating machine and so on.

3. Broken: Some oils and fats can be squeezed as a whole, but after crushing and rolling, the oil yield can be significantly improved. The supporting equipment includes: crusher, flaking machine, etc.

4. Steam and fry: Steaming and frying is one of the important links to improve the oil yield. The common method is to moisten the oil first, and then dry it in a frying pan to make the oil reach the moisture and temperature required by the process. The supporting equipment includes: steaming roaster, frying pan.


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