High quality cooking oil locally produced in Tanzania

The development of Tanzania edible oil project keeps the sunflower seed extraction industry in Tanzania, allowing local people to eat local edible oil.

Tanzania, located in the east of Africa and south of the equator, is one of the least developed countries in the world declared by the United Nations. Its economy is dominated by agriculture. Due to low industrial production technology, many food and daily consumer goods need to be imported. For example, Tanzania is rich in sunflower seeds and cashew nuts, but all the sunflower oil sold in the Tanzania market is imported, and the cashew nuts are completely exported.

“The construction of the edible oil factory started in February 2014, and the current total investment is about 10 million US dollars. The factory is located in Dodoma, and the current annual production capacity is 50,000 tons of sunflower seeds (oil refining). We can proudly say that what we produce is Tanzania Best sunflower oil product.”

The local people in Tanzania enjoy the high-quality sunflower oil produced locally, and the main reason is the investment and construction from Chinese enterprises.

In addition, the quality of cashew nuts in Tanzania is among the best in Africa, but also due to lack of capital and technology, cashew nuts are basically exported to India, Myanmar and other countries for processing in the form of raw material exports.

Tanzania has abundant resources for industrial development, but lacks investment in capital, advanced technology and equipment. On the other hand, local economic development also determines the development space of the industry. Therefore, I personally think that the Tanzanian government should introduce better assistance policies to allow Tanzania’s local agricultural advantages to be developed, and insist on localization and high requirements for enterprises. coexist.

Tanzania has a good overall social and political environment, and the government can introduce foreign-funded enterprises, advanced technology, resources and equipment.

The development of the edible oil project not only keeps the sunflower seed refining industry in Tanzania, allowing local people to eat local edible oil, but also provides local employment through the establishment of factories. With the increase in production and sales, the planting of sunflower seeds is also expanding, and the income of local farmers has also increased significantly.

The main difficulties faced by Tanzania mainly come from three aspects: first, the level of industrial development in Tanzania is still at the primary level, and there is no intermediate trade chain. Enterprises need to directly deal with farmers, and the quality is easy to vary, making it difficult to control; During the sunflower seed sales season in June, the company needs to directly purchase raw materials for the whole year from farmers, which has very high requirements and pressure on working capital and storage; third, although African labor is relatively cheap, the unit labor efficiency is low . The above difficulties are also common problems faced by foreign-funded enterprises in Tanzania.

It is hoped that through the efforts of the Tanzanian government, after training and cooperation, Tanzania will have advanced technology and equipment. Therefore, investing in Tanzania’s oil extraction industry has great potential.