Tanzania’s oil extraction industry has bright prospects

Export price of 95A screw oil press and accessories from BTMA Oil Press Machinery Company, 6YL series screw oil press exporter.Tanzania's oil extraction industry

Tanzania’s oil extraction industry is very popular.Export price of 95A screw oil press and accessories from BTMA Oil Press Machinery Company, 6YL series screw oil press exporter.

Tanzania is rich in cashew nut resources

Cashew nuts are grown in southern Tanzania, mainly in Mtwara, Lindi, Ruvuma and Pwani, with a total planting area of about 695,683 hectares. Tanzania currently produces about 290,000 tons of cashew nuts, but as the government encourages cashew cultivation in more provinces and improves trade transparency, Tanzania has the potential to become the world’s largest nut exporter.


Tanzania is rich in sesame resources

In the global sesame production, countries such as India, Sudan, Myanmar, China and Tanzania have always been the main producers of sesame. According to statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, from 2000 to 2004, the total sesame planting area of India, Sudan, Myanmar and China was 4.941 million hm2, accounting for 73.0% of the global sesame planting area, and the total sesame output was 2.1 million tons, accounting for 68.2% of global sesame production. In recent years, the production of sesame in African countries has increased, and Tanzania has replaced India as the number one producer of sesame.

Tanzanian government spends US$4.3m to boost oil palm cultivation

In order to reduce imports of edible oil, the Tanzanian government has allocated US$4.3 million to promote local oil palm plantation to save millions of US dollars in foreign exchange imports of palm oil each year. Tanzania’s oil extraction industry

At present, domestic farmers in Tanzania generally have a small scale of planting oil palm, and need to import at least 400,000 tons of palm oil every year. According to relevant sources, if Tanzania’s domestic resources can be fully utilized, locally produced cholesterol-free edible oil is sufficient to meet the needs of the Tanzania domestic market. Tanzania’s oil extraction industry

Convenient shipping transportation – Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the largest seaport in Tanzania and one of the famous ports in East Africa. It is the capital of Tanzania and the national political, economic, cultural and transportation center. It is also an important political city in Africa. Many important conferences in Africa are held here. Tanzania’s oil extraction industry

Sunflower oil industry has great potential

At present, Tanzania’s imported edible oil still accounts for 60% of the total demand, while almost all sunflower oil sold in the Tanzania market is imported. The fundamental reason is that on the one hand, Tanzania’s sunflower seed production is insufficient, and on the other hand, it is the low efficiency of Tanzania’s local sunflower seed oil production. All this demonstrates the huge potential of Tanzania’s sunflower oil industry development,