What are the benefits of cold pressed cooking oil

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people are more and more fond of cold pressed cooking oil. Before cold pressing, the oil is sent to the oil press without heating or low temperature before pressing. The extracted oil has a low temperature and low acid value, and generally does not require refining. After precipitation and filtration, the refined oil can be obtained.

Benefits of cold-pressed oil: cold pressed cooking oil has pure natural characteristics and avoids the adverse effects of traditional high-temperature oil pressing. The cold-pressed refined oil not only retains the natural flavor and color of the oil, but also completely retains the physiologically active substances in the edible oil (vitamin E can resist aging and enhance human metabolism). Cold-pressed oil is original and authentic, so it is a healthy choice.

Cold-pressed edible oil is clear in color and light in color. Although the oil is not fragrant, it does not get angry. Cold-pressed frying won’t foam and slush. There are many benefits of cold-pressed oil, but the raw materials must be carefully selected, otherwise the quality of cold-pressed oil will be affected by the maturity of raw materials, especially soybeans.

The beany smell of soybean oil, the spicy taste of high erucic acid rapeseed oil, the gossypol in cottonseed oil, and the aspergillus flavus in spoiled oil must be refined before they can be removed. The aroma of sesame oil and fragrant peanut oil can only be obtained through the hot pressing process, which generally requires the amount of oil after pressing; hot pressing is generally used for pre-pressing of large machines, that is, the first oil pressing.

However, there are also manufacturers who can directly squeeze oil after improving the model without other equipment. For example, continuous low-temperature cold pressing of these oils can only be achieved through continuous technological innovation and upgrading of Pentium mechanical oil presses.

In addition, hot pressing means that the oil is pressed after being cooked in a frying pan. The oil tastes pure and fragrant, especially sesame and peanuts, which are rich in oil. The disadvantage is that if things are not handled when they are fried in the pan, they will foam and sludge in the pan. Dual-purpose means you can do both.