What kind of oil equipment is needed to process edible oil in the oil factory?

The equipment for process edible oil is different. The requirements of output and oil quality, and the quantity of the equipment are also different. What equipment is needed to process edible oil should be determined according to the actual situation. For example, our common oil press has simple equipment requirements. Frying pans, oil presses, and air pressure filters can be used to drive oil presses to produce various edible oils such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. The equipment investment is small, the site requirements are low, the operation is simple, and the return is fast. It is the project chosen by many foreign customers.

Oil mills need more than this equipment. Oil processing into edible oil needs to go through three stages: raw material pretreatment, oil extraction processing, and crude oil refining. The output of the oil factory is large, and the pretreatment of raw materials depends on manpower, which is not only costly, but also difficult to realize, so it is necessary to equip raw material pretreatment equipment. Commonly used devices include vibrating cleaning sieves, stone removers, crushers, flaking machines, steaming and frying pans, etc.

Oil extraction equipment, commonly used oil extraction equipment includes oil presses and leaching equipment. The extraction equipment requires a large investment and is suitable for large-scale oil production projects of more than 30 tons; the oil press can be adjusted according to the investment budget and is suitable for small and medium-sized edible oil processing plants. The extraction equipment has high efficiency, large output, good quality of cake after extraction, saves labor costs, and good environmental conditions, but the oil is slightly poor, and must be refined before eating. The oil press machine has the advantages of high quality crude oil and retaining the natural nutritional flavor of oil. , but the residual oil rate is higher than that of leaching equipment, and the production cost is higher. The oil factory can decide what kind of equipment to use according to factors such as production budget.

Oil factories generally need to make their own brands when processing edible oil. Therefore, there are requirements for the quality level of edible oil. The edible oil produced must meet the national standards before it can be sold. The crude oil squeezed by the oil press contains various impurities, such as cake powder, colloidal impurities, free fatty acids, etc. The existence of these impurities not only has a certain impact on the color and flavor of the oil, but also causes the rancidity of the oil and affects food safety. Therefore, the oil factory needs to be equipped with a set of refining equipment to remove impurities.

To sum up, the oil press needs less equipment, such as oil press, frying pan, and oil filter. If it is an oil factory, in addition to the oil press, it also needs pretreatment equipment, oil extraction equipment, crude oil refining equipment, etc. The refined edible oil can be sent to the filling line for canning after passing the test.