Why are more and more people eating cold-pressed oils?

The cold-pressed oils  making method is a physical process. Without high-temperature heat treatment, the internal components of the oil will not be destroyed, and more beneficial by-products such as tocopherols and phytosterols in the oil will be retained. The resulting oil has a higher nutritional content.

At the same time, it can avoid harmful components such as trans fatty acids and oil polymers produced by high-temperature processing; compared with the leaching method, it can avoid contact with organic solvents, lye, activated clay and other substances, and reduce solvent residues in oil; it is a safe cooking oil.

The application of cold pressing oil production technology gets rid of the shackles of conventional hot pressingPerformance and characteristics of new hydraulic oil press and solvent oil oil production technology, avoids and reduces the consumption of various chemical raw materials and hydropower energy, and has little impact on the environment. High-quality oil and low-denatured cake can be obtained at the same time, and the utilization value of the cake after oil refining can be deepened, which meets the consumption requirements of “green and environmental protection”.

Is there any difference between cold pressed oils on the market?

At present, there are cold-pressed peanut oil, cold-pressed tea oil, cold-pressed sesame oil, cold-pressed soybean oil, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, etc. In the Chinese market, they generally have sensory characteristics of clear color and strong fragrance. At the same time, different types of cold-pressed oil fatty acids have their own characteristics.

For example, cold-pressed peanut oil retains a variety of nutritional components of peanuts more completely, “the oil is more fragrant and less smoked”; cold-pressed soybean oil has a complete color, aroma and taste, and is rich in vitamin E, tocopherols, sterols, etc. Cold-pressed sesamin rich in sesame oil, cold-pressed natural polyphenols rich in tea oil; both are antioxidant substances that help delay aging.

What should I pay attention to when buying cold pressed oil?

China’s cold-pressed oils products are becoming more and more abundant, and the public can choose categories that suit their taste and health needs.
In addition, good cold-pressed oil is inseparable from strict raw material selection and advanced cold-pressed technology. It is recommended to try to choose oil products from well-known brand manufacturers, so that the quality can be guaranteed.