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Sealing mahcine for bottle mouth

1. Simple operation: Just operate a few buttons to complete the sealing, easy to use. 2. Good sealing quality: The aluminum foil sealing machine has high sealing quality, which greatly extends the shelf life of food. 3. Wide scope of application: The aluminum foil sealing machine can be used for bottles of different shapes. 4. Low cost: The aluminum foil sealing machine has low cost and long service life. 5. Improve production efficiency: Using aluminum foil sealing machine can save manpower and improve production efficiency.

Self-priming corn grinder

1. Automatic suction feeding: realizes feeding and crushing at the same time, making the crushing work smoother. 2. High output: High output, complete the crushing task quickly and efficiently. 3. Energy saving: Due to its excellent energy efficiency design, it can greatly reduce power consumption. 4. Smooth work: Its internal structure ensures that the machine remains stable during operation, making the crushing process more stable. 5. Easy loading and unloading: The machine design is reasonable, loading and unloading is simple and convenient, and it is easy to operate. 6. Strong and durable: The material is strong and wear-resistant, not easy to wear and tear, and can ensure long-term and stable performance.

Small centrifugal oil filter

  • 1. Better separation effect: The machine uses centrifugal force to separate impurities in oil.
  • 2. Easy to operate: fully automated operation, user-friendly.
  • 3. No need to replace the filter element: Generally, there is no need to replace the filter element, you only need to clean the filter regularly.
  • 5. Easy maintenance: you only need to regularly check the operating status of the machine and clean the filter in time.
  • 6. Efficient impurity removal: The centrifugal oil filter can remove particulate impurities and improve oil quality.

small oil refine machine 4 tank

  • 1.Function: dephosphorization, degumming, deacidification, decolorization, dehydration.
  • 2.Simple design to improve customer satisfaction.
  • 3.The operation date are all displayed by the instrument,which is simple and reliable.
  • 4.The oil can be dephosphorized,dealkylated and dehydrated.
  • 5.Can refine a variety of crude oil.

small oil refine machine for 2 tanks

1.It is suitable for sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil ect.  2.The oil refining machine can degumming, deacidification, decolorization. 3.Work efficiency, increase the air pressure tank, powerful, oil processing speed is fast. 4.Product effect is good, oil clear and bright, no phosphorus precipitation, the pot doesn't foam. 5.Simple and convenient operation, button only after operation, no cumbersome manual operation.

Small-scale edible oil filling machines

1. Wide scope of application: It can be used for filling, packaging and measuring of edible oil, bottled wine, other oils and liquid materials. 2. Small footprint: The overall structure is simple, the footprint is small, and it is easy to operate. 3. High quantitative accuracy: quantitative refueling, high quantitative accuracy and fast refueling speed. 4. Two-speed filling: fast filling first and then slow filling to prevent materials from overflowing when the filling machine is almost full. 5. Simple operation: simple structure, small footprint and easy operation.

Soybean cake press

  • High efficiency: Soybean cake press can quickly and effectively compress soybeans into cakes, improving production efficiency.
  • Convenient: The use of soybean cake press can reduce human input, reduce the labor intensity of workers, convenient and fast.
  • Strong adaptability: soybean cake press is suitable for different varieties and different specifications of soybeans, and can flexibly adjust compression parameters to meet different needs.
  • Multifunctional: Soybean cake press can not only be used to make soybean cake, but also can be used to make other plant protein foods, such as soy milk, tofu and so on.
  • Environmental protection: Soybean cake press adopts closed design to reduce dust pollution and meet environmental protection requirements.

Stainless steel trolley

1. Silent walking: The casters of the trolley adopt a unique silent effect design, which makes the trolley noiseless when in working condition and achieves a silent effect. 2. Lightweight walking: The rotating part where the trolley's casters are in contact with the car plate is designed to reduce the resistance during starting and walking. After loading additional parts on the vehicle board, it can be pushed and walked with only a small amount of artificial thrust. 3. Lightweight: The trolley's board and casters are made of impact-resistant modified plastic, which is more than half the weight of the trolley. It can be disassembled and packaged, making it easy to carry. 4. Wide scope of application: It is suitable for manual handling equipment, storage stacking racks, three-dimensional shelves and other auxiliary equipment in factory workshops for mass production or transportation of various small parts boxes and documents. 5. Strong and durable: The surface coating of the trolley is strong and durable, resistant to stamping and corrosion, clean and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture-proof and non-deformable.

Strip oil press

  • 1. High-efficiency oil extraction: The strip oil press adopts advanced oil extraction technology, which can realize a large number of mechanized and automated operations and improve the efficiency of oil extraction.
  • 2. Strong adaptability: The strip oil press can adapt to various types of oils, including oils with higher oil content and more difficult to process, such as peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, etc.
  • 3. High oil yield: The strip oil press adopts special oil extraction technology, which can effectively increase the oil yield and reduce waste.
  • 4. Easy to operate: The operation of the row oil press is simple, easy to understand, convenient and fast, and can quickly complete the oil pressing process.
  • 5. Easy to maintain: The row oil press has a simple structure, is stable and reliable, and can reduce maintenance costs and difficulty.
  • 6. Safe and reliable: The strip oil press can automatically adjust a variety of working parameters during the production process, and is equipped with safety protection facilities such as temperature measurement devices to effectively avoid dangerous situations such as overheating and overload operation.
  • 7. Economical and affordable: The investment cost of the row oil press is relatively low, and it can reduce operating costs and energy consumption to maximize economic benefits.

sugarcane juicers machine

1. High-efficiency motor: Usually, sugarcane juicers use high-efficiency motors, which can start quickly and have stable speed. 2. Silent performance: The operating sound is relatively small and the noise level can be kept low. 3. Juicing ability: The sugarcane juicer can effectively squeeze out the juice of sugarcane, retaining the taste and nutrients of sugarcane. 4. Convenient and easy to use: Simple and easy to use, easy to clean and maintain. 5. Safety and hygiene: No manual operation is required, which can avoid bacterial cross-infection and other problems, ensuring food safety and hygiene.

Sweet potato mill for big capacity

1. Advanced structure, beautiful appearance and compact layout. 2. It occupies a small area and saves space. 3. The starch extraction rate is high and the starch quality is high, reaching national food grade standards. 4. Multi-function: suitable for potato, sweet potato, kudzu, lotus root and other starch production. 5. The blade is made of high-quality steel and refined with special technology, which is super wear-resistant.

Tractor for agriculture

1. Powerful: Agricultural tractors are equipped with powerful engines that can provide sufficient power for agricultural production. 2. Strong adaptability: Agricultural tractors are suitable for various terrains and climate conditions, and can operate in different environments. 3. Easy to operate: Agricultural tractors are simple to operate, easy to master, and convenient for farmers to use. 4. Diverse functions: Agricultural tractors can be equipped with a variety of different agricultural equipment, such as plows, harrows, seeders, harvesters, etc., to achieve multiple functions. 5. Easy maintenance: Agricultural tractors have a simple structure and are easy to maintain, which can save farmers’ maintenance costs.