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coconut meat grinding machine

:It is Suitable for crushing coconut meat and nuts, such as coconut, almond, sesame and so on The coconut grinder puts the coconut meat into the crushing chamber. The coconut meat exerts pressure on the vertebral disc under the action of rotation and spiral line. As the spines swirl, the toothed blades cut the coconut, beating and grinding it to make a paste.

coconut milk juicer for pressing coconut

1. Efficient juicing: It can extract coconut juice to the greatest extent and effectively separate the residue and coconut coating. 2. Simple operation: Just put the coconut into the machine, press the start button, and the machine will automatically complete the juice extraction process. 3. Easy to clean: The internal structure is simple, making it convenient for users to clean and maintain. 4. Multiple functions: The coconut milk juicer can not only squeeze the juice of coconuts, but also can be used to squeeze the juice of other fruits and vegetables, and has multiple uses. 5. Portable design: The coconut milk juicer adopts a portable design, which is convenient for users to carry and move. Safety design: A safety check will be performed before starting to ensure users' safe use.

Coconut Sheller

Coconut sheller is suitable for coconut sheller after the removal of brown processing.  The disc cutter teeth are cut by laser, small and blunt, and the coconut skin is almost undamaged, which is convenient for the next peeling.  The machine has the characteristics of novel structure, convenient operation and high efficiency. 

Coffee Huller/Rice Mill

This Coffee Been Huller/Sheller Machine/rice mill can be used for hulling rice,buckwheat,coffee beans,hemp seeds.

Combined oil press line

1. Diversification: The oil pressing production line can process a variety of oil crops, such as soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, peanuts, etc., and has strong diversified processing capabilities. 2. Flexibility: The oil extraction production line can adopt different oil extraction methods, such as hydraulic oil extraction and screw oil extraction, and can be flexibly adjusted according to different needs. 3. Naturalness: The oil pressing production line uses mechanical external force to squeeze the oil out of the oil without adding any chemicals, which can ensure the quality and naturalness of the oil. 4. Automation: The oil pressing production line adopts an automated control system, which can achieve precise control of the production process and improve production efficiency and product quality. 5. Efficiency: The design of the oil extraction production line can ensure efficient oil extraction and cake residue utilization. The oil extraction process is airtight and pollution-free, ensuring the efficiency of the production process. 3. Safety: The oil pressing production line equipment itself complies with relevant safety standards and adopts a closed design, which can ensure the safety of the production process.


  • Conveyors have the following brief characteristics:
  • 1. High efficiency: Able to efficiently transport materials from one place to another.
  • 2. Labor saving: Use the gravity, friction, etc. of the material to move the material from one place to another, saving manpower.
  • 3. Reduce labor intensity: Transporting materials through conveyors can reduce workers’ labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
  • 4. High reliability: The conveyor has a simple structure, is easy to operate, and is safe and reliable to use.
  • 5. Can transport a variety of materials: The conveyor can transport various forms of materials, such as soybeans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, etc.
  • 6. Convenient for continuity and automation: The conveyor can achieve continuous transportation, with a high degree of automation, which can improve production efficiency.
  • 7. Energy saving and environmental protection: During the transportation process, materials are not easily contaminated and energy consumption can be saved at the same time.
  • 8. Strong adaptability: can adapt to different environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, strong magnetism, corrosion and other environmental conditions. .

Cooking oil filling machine

1. Wide scope of application: It can be used for filling, packaging and measuring of edible oil, bottled wine, other oils and liquid materials. 2. Small footprint: The overall structure is simple, the footprint is small, and it is easy to operate. 3. High quantitative accuracy: quantitative refueling, high quantitative accuracy and fast refueling speed. 4. Two-speed filling: fast filling first and then slow filling to prevent materials from overflowing when the filling machine is almost full. 5. Simple operation: simple structure, small footprint and easy operation.

Cooking oil sealing machine

1. High degree of automation: It can automatically complete filling, sealing, printing production date and other processes, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. 2. Good packaging effect: The use of advanced sealing technology can ensure tight sealing, beautiful appearance, and no deformation, and improve the product shelf display effect. 3. Easy to operate: Using an intelligent control system, the operation is simple and convenient, and it is easy for novices to get started. 4. Easy maintenance: It uses electrical and pneumatic components, with low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life, and easy maintenance.

Corn feed crusher

1. High-efficiency crushing: The crushing chamber adopts a drop-shaped design, which can destroy the material circulation layer and achieve secondary crushing, greatly improving the crushing efficiency. 2. Quick start: The elastic screen pressing mechanism makes it easier to replace the screen plates and the compression is more reliable. Wear-resistant hammer-type design: The working parts adopt a hammer-type wear-resistant design, which is highly standardized, has good accessories versatility, and is easy and quick to maintain. 3. Automatic control of feeding: The supporting equipment of the crusher is equipped with an automatic control feeder to realize automatic adjustment of the feeding amount. 4. Precision experimental testing: The rotor has undergone precise experimental testing such as dynamic balance, static balance, vibration, etc. to ensure smoother operation, lower noise, and more stable performance. 5. Easy to move: small size, light weight, easy to move. 6. Safe and reliable: The design device can reduce the occurrence of knife chewing accidents, and the whole machine is safe and reliable. 7. Adopt advanced feed mechanism: the unique feed roller device can feed automatically, the conveyor chain does not get entangled with grass, the feed is smooth, and the productivity is high. 8. The grass roller drive shaft adopts coupling: compact structure, flexible operation, easy disassembly and assembly.

crusher machine

Crusher is a critical equipment in the Pre-production process for Vegetable oil processing enterprise, It is a process that squeeze the material into a sheet by the clamping force between the two rollers.

Diesel engine threshing machine with iron ship

1. Simple structure and reliable use. 2. The work results are good and all indicators have reached relevant regulations. 3. Strong adaptability, this machine can also thresh relatively wet wheat, and can also dehydrate rice, corn and other crops, achieving multiple uses in one machine. 4. Easy to use and takes up little space. The use and operation of threshing machines must comply with relevant regulations and safety regulations to ensure safety and effectiveness.