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Stainless steel trolley

1. Silent walking: The casters of the trolley adopt a unique silent effect design, which makes the trolley noiseless when in working condition and achieves a silent effect. 2. Lightweight walking: The rotating part where the trolley's casters are in contact with the car plate is designed to reduce the resistance during starting and walking. After loading additional parts on the vehicle board, it can be pushed and walked with only a small amount of artificial thrust. 3. Lightweight: The trolley's board and casters are made of impact-resistant modified plastic, which is more than half the weight of the trolley. It can be disassembled and packaged, making it easy to carry. 4. Wide scope of application: It is suitable for manual handling equipment, storage stacking racks, three-dimensional shelves and other auxiliary equipment in factory workshops for mass production or transportation of various small parts boxes and documents. 5. Strong and durable: The surface coating of the trolley is strong and durable, resistant to stamping and corrosion, clean and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture-proof and non-deformable.