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Cooking oil sealing machine

1. High degree of automation: It can automatically complete filling, sealing, printing production date and other processes, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs. 2. Good packaging effect: The use of advanced sealing technology can ensure tight sealing, beautiful appearance, and no deformation, and improve the product shelf display effect. 3. Easy to operate: Using an intelligent control system, the operation is simple and convenient, and it is easy for novices to get started. 4. Easy maintenance: It uses electrical and pneumatic components, with low failure rate, stable and reliable performance, long service life, and easy maintenance.

Sealing mahcine for bottle mouth

1. Simple operation: Just operate a few buttons to complete the sealing, easy to use. 2. Good sealing quality: The aluminum foil sealing machine has high sealing quality, which greatly extends the shelf life of food. 3. Wide scope of application: The aluminum foil sealing machine can be used for bottles of different shapes. 4. Low cost: The aluminum foil sealing machine has low cost and long service life. 5. Improve production efficiency: Using aluminum foil sealing machine can save manpower and improve production efficiency.