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Garlic seeder with diesel engine

1. Automation: The garlic seeder can automatically complete the process of garlic planting, including trenching, sowing, soil covering and suppression, greatly reducing human labor and improving planting efficiency. 2. Accuracy: The garlic seeder can precisely control the depth and spacing of sowing, ensuring that garlic can grow better. 3. High efficiency: The garlic seeder can quickly complete the sowing work in the field, greatly improving work efficiency. 4. Strong adaptability: The garlic seeder can adapt to different terrains and environments, and can be planted in different soil conditions. 5. Easy to operate: Garlic seeders are usually equipped with advanced control systems and operating interfaces, making operation easier and more convenient. 6. Large-scale operation: It can be used with independent power or can be used in conjunction with small and medium-sized agricultural tractors commonly used by farmers.

Grain conveyor

1. Continuous handling: Within a certain range, the grain conveyor can continuously handle grain, which improves the handling efficiency. 2. Smooth operation: During the transportation process, the machine operates smoothly and the goods are not easily scattered during transportation, which can ensure the stable operation of the machine. 3. Easy to move: Some types of grain conveyors are simple in design and easy to move, and their positions can be adjusted at any time as needed. 4. High productivity: Grain conveyors have high productivity and can quickly complete grain handling tasks. 5. Wide adaptability: Grain conveyors are suitable for loading and transferring bulk and packaged materials of different types and sizes of grain crops, such as wheat, corn, soybeans and other grain crops.