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  • Conveyors have the following brief characteristics:
  • 1. High efficiency: Able to efficiently transport materials from one place to another.
  • 2. Labor saving: Use the gravity, friction, etc. of the material to move the material from one place to another, saving manpower.
  • 3. Reduce labor intensity: Transporting materials through conveyors can reduce workers’ labor intensity and improve work efficiency.
  • 4. High reliability: The conveyor has a simple structure, is easy to operate, and is safe and reliable to use.
  • 5. Can transport a variety of materials: The conveyor can transport various forms of materials, such as soybeans, peanuts, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, etc.
  • 6. Convenient for continuity and automation: The conveyor can achieve continuous transportation, with a high degree of automation, which can improve production efficiency.
  • 7. Energy saving and environmental protection: During the transportation process, materials are not easily contaminated and energy consumption can be saved at the same time.
  • 8. Strong adaptability: can adapt to different environmental conditions, such as high temperature, low temperature, strong magnetism, corrosion and other environmental conditions. .