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Cattle and sheep feed crusher

1. Efficiency: This equipment can mix a large amount of feed at one time, effectively improving work efficiency. 2. Automation: Some models are equipped with automatic weighing devices, which can set the adding amount at any time and automatically stir, reducing the burden of manual operation. 3. Uniformity: The stirred feed has high mixing uniformity and balanced energy intake, which is beneficial to improving the feed intake and feed utilization efficiency of cattle and sheep. 4. Economy: It can make full use of various forage grasses and crop straws without destroying the fiber components, maximizing the energy efficiency of the feed and saving 20% of roughage every year. 5. Convenience: Forward rotation is for mixing, reverse rotation is for discharging. Feed additives or water can also be added during the mixing process, which is easy to use. 6. Mildness: The mixing process is gentle and the original state of the material is basically not destroyed. 6. Compatibility: It can be used with a hay cutter or a hay cutter and kneader. After cutting and kneading grass, pasture, straw, silage, yellow storage and other fodder, it can be mixed with grain, peanut shells, rice husks, corn , soybeans, soybean meal, tofu residue, etc. are mixed to make feed and fed to animals. 7. Applicability: Suitable for large and medium-sized feedlots, as well as farm-scale feedlots.