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Camellia seed peeling machine

1. High efficiency: The camellia seed shelling machine has a high peeling rate and can effectively separate the shells and kernels of camellia seeds. 2. Safety: The machine has a simple structure, easy operation and low power consumption, which reduces safety hazards during use. 3. Stability: The camellia seed shelling machine has stable performance, low breakage rate, and can be used continuously for a long time. 4. Purity: The machine’s sorting effect is clean, and the processed camellia seeds have a good color.

Grain threshing machine

1. Improve efficiency: quickly and effectively separate grains from chaff and stalks, improving harvest efficiency. 2. Easy to operate: ordinary farmers can master its basic operations. 3. Strong adaptability: suitable for wheat, rice, corn, etc., with wide applicability. 5. Reduce losses: The chaff, stems and debris can be separated to reduce pollution to the grains and improve the quality and value of the grains. 6. Environmental protection and energy saving: such as reducing the pollution of land and water sources by chaff and stems.