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oil filling machine with caping

  • 1. Linear filling: It can quantitatively pour edible oil into the corresponding container.
  • 2. Integration of automation and mechanical control: The machine adopts an integrated design of electric drive and mechanical control.
  • 3. Strong applicability: suitable for filling different types of edible oil, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, etc. 4. Efficient and accurate: It can ensure filling accuracy and reduce the waste of edible oil.
  • 5. Simple operation: only need to operate through the control panel to complete the filling process.
  • 6. Easy maintenance: The machine has a simple structure and is easy to maintain, reducing maintenance costs.

oil filling machine with caping and conveyor

  • 1. Wide scope of application: The filling machine is suitable for various special-shaped bottles, and it is convenient and quick to change the bottle type and adjust it.
  • 2. Fast filling speed: fast filling speed and high production efficiency.
  • 3. Large filling machine capacity: The filling capacity of the filling machine is adjustable.
  • 4. Automatic adjustment: LCD digital display displays accurately and has a high degree of automation.
  • 5. Automatic maintenance device: When the machine fails, it can automatically stop and alarm.