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coconut meat grinding machine

:It is Suitable for crushing coconut meat and nuts, such as coconut, almond, sesame and so on The coconut grinder puts the coconut meat into the crushing chamber. The coconut meat exerts pressure on the vertebral disc under the action of rotation and spiral line. As the spines swirl, the toothed blades cut the coconut, beating and grinding it to make a paste.

Coconut Sheller

Coconut sheller is suitable for coconut sheller after the removal of brown processing.  The disc cutter teeth are cut by laser, small and blunt, and the coconut skin is almost undamaged, which is convenient for the next peeling.  The machine has the characteristics of novel structure, convenient operation and high efficiency. 

Coffee Huller/Rice Mill

This Coffee Been Huller/Sheller Machine/rice mill can be used for hulling rice,buckwheat,coffee beans,hemp seeds.

cotton seed ,palm kernel crusher machine

this type crusher machine suit for the hard material ,like the palm kernel

crusher machine

Crusher is a critical equipment in the Pre-production process for Vegetable oil processing enterprise, It is a process that squeeze the material into a sheet by the clamping force between the two rollers.

Palm kernel crusher

Palm kernel crusher is a professional equipment for crushing palm kernel, it has the following characteristics: 1. Efficient crushing: The equipment can efficiently crush the palm kernel and can crush the palm kernel into fine particles. 2. Reasonable structure: The design of the palm kernel crusher is compact and reasonable, simple operation and easy to use. 3. Durable: The equipment is made of high-quality steel, solid and reliable material selection, high-power aligning bearings, long service life, 4. Energy saving and environmental protection: The power of the equipment is small, which can reduce energy consumption and pollute the environment.