BTMA-What is the working principle of oil filters?

The oil filter machinery is a process that must be experienced in the process of oil extraction. Working principle is that filter the magazine in the oil, and the oil filtered by the oil filter can have the edible level.Today,we will introduct the working principle of oil filters.


1.vacuum oil filte:The longer the stop time of the oil filter machinery in the operation process, the better the filtration effect. The principle of oil filter is need more evenly the oil and water mix, the better the filtration effect.

2.Centrifugal oil filter :It is the use of its high speed rotation away from the heart, so that the oil, water, impurities in the lubricating oil with different pollution degrees are quickly separated. It through action of different centrifugal forces. Because the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the drum is far greater than the gravity. The centrifugal separation only needs a little time to obtain the effect of gravity separation, especially when the gravity separation cannot be realized, only the centrifugal separation method is applied.


3.plate and frame oil filter :The principle of oil filters is mainly composed of a board and a frame with a press cloth in the middle. The oil containing impurities is filtered out through the filter cloth.The new filter is suitable for filtering crude oil and refined oil products. It can also be used in refining plants for filtering decolorized oil. It is our firm main hot sale production.


4.Air pressure oil filter :It is similar to the principle of vacuum oil filter. The difference is that its filter barrel has a cover. This ensures the cleanliness of the oil in the filtration process.But his price is relatively expensive.


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