Why the oil yield of the hydraulic oil press is less sometimes ? BTMA

In the process of using the hydraulic press, sometimes the oil output rate is low. So, what is the reason?Today we will analyze the reasons together.You can also watch the working video in Youtube.

The pressure bar is blocked

In general, it is mainly because the pressure rod is blocked by oil residue or debris or the pressure rod is installed too tightly. If this happens during the inspection, we only need to clean up the oil residue or debris and adjust the firmness of the pressure rod.

In the actual use of hydraulic press, this situation will also occur if the material has a high moisture content or hollow kernels are used. Then, we need to control the quality of raw materials.

The hydraulic press are severely worn

This situation can also occur if the parts of the hydraulic press are severely worn. In this case, it should be replaced. Otherwise, raw materials will be wasted, and there will be a lot of unnecessary troubles in the actual operation process.


The hydraulic oil press  should be preheated

It should not be neglected that the machine must be preheated every time before pressing with an automatic hydraulic press. In general, the warm-up temperature in spring and summer is generally between 50-70 degrees. In autumn and winter, the preheating temperature is generally between 70-90 degrees. If the temperature cannot be well controlled, it will have a great impact on future operations.

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