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In the process of using the screw oil  press, the user will experience abnormal noises of the screw oil  press, which is mainly caused by the gurgling noise in the press chamber. Is the abnormal noise of the screw press normal? Today Benteng oil press for everyone to interpret.

There are two types of noise in the press chamber of the screw press, which can be determined after analysis.

Too much oilseeds  added

When the press chamber is noise, the first situation is caused by the instantaneous overfeeding, and the press suddenly overfeeds during normal operation. Most of the pressure on the snails is very large, causing the snails and the pressing chamber to squeeze and rub each other and make noises. In this case, only stop feeding, and after the pressing chamber returns to calm, you can continue to feed and squeeze oil;

The oilseeds are too dry

The other kind of noise is louder and there is a serious metal friction sound. This kind of noise occurs because the material is relatively dry, and it is squeezed into a powdery material like iron powder when pressed in the pressing chamber. The higher density of the material makes the squeezing The inside of the chamber is almost blocked, and the screw press will not run smoothly, it will squeeze the press chamber and make a sound of metal friction. In this case, the user must switch to the reverse mode decisively, so that the screw press reverses and the material is slowly poured from the discharge port. In this way, the screw press can be restored to normal.

When the screw press is abnormal, the user should not rush to shut down or switch modes. This will cause the screw press to be completely blocked. The end result is that it takes a lot of time and manpower to clear the blocked press, which will delay a lot of pressing. Oil work. Therefore, when a situation occurs, it is necessary to calmly distinguish the cause, and then make the correct solution, so that the screw oil press can achieve a longer service life and better work efficiency.

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