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Soybeans need to be washed, filtered, fried and peeled before using soybean oil processing equipment for oil extraction. However, some soybean oil production enterprises directly ignore the soybean peeling process, resulting in too high impurity content in the extracted soybean oil, and the residual oil content in soybean flakes and soybean cake also increases. So, what is the soybean hot peeling. And how does soybean dehulling oil processing equipment work?

What are the process of soybean hot peeling?

Soybeans to be peeled must be washed and filtered. The soybeans are heated and dried in a fluidized bed dryer. The hot air from the oil processing equipment dryer enters the soybean layer from the bottom. Then, it flows through the soybean layer and rotates around the soybean layer to instantly take away the moisture and reduce the moisture in the equipment to below 3%. After several repetitions, when the moisture content of soybeans is 9% ~ 10%, the surface temperature of soybeans can reach 75 ~ 92 degrees. Due to the rapid thermal expansion of soybeans, the husks will crack and peel from the grains. Then, a fan or other separation equipment is used to separate the bean husks and bean kernels to achieve the purpose of soybean dehulling.

What are the advantages of soybean oil processing equipment

in the processing process ?

Shorten the soybean oil production cycle, and the peeling rate can reach more than 90% within 20 minutes; the heating time is short, which reduces the possibility of soybean protein denaturation. Reuse heat to save energy consumption. However, this process also has some disadvantages, that is, the peeling process is complicated, the operation is difficult, and the noise is large.

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