What are the advantages of cocoa oil press?

Cocoa oil press is a part of cocoa powder production line, plays a crucial role. Cocoa press can also apply to process other materials such as macadamia nuts, cashews and other nuts.

It has excellent materials and precise technology. The hydraulic cocoa butter manufacturing machine is made of high carbon steel and is made by high frequency quenching and heat treatment. It has high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, improve the pressing performance. The service life of the oil machine can ture as long as several decades.

Cocoa butter press performance characteristics:

♦ First,our cocoa butter oil press adopts the advantages of similar Korean machines. Reasonable design and compact structure. It uses ultra-high pressure piston pump and gear pump to compensate each other. High flow cartridge valves have rapid hydraulic pressure. Low pressure loss, stable operation, accurate and reliable, low power consumption.

♦ Second,this machine is made of high quality steel. The parts are treated with chrome plating, and the appearance is exquisite and clean. The machine components are accurate, reasonable force, uniform pressure, rigid and reliable, durable.

♦ Third,in the extraction process, the machine is stressing evenly and the oil yield is high. Oil yield can reach 90-92%, high economic benefits.

♦ The machine adopts pressure and temperature preset, automatic control of working process. For example, we can match the drum frying pan and filter smoke making equipment produced by our factory, so that the whole process of oil pressing can be operated by one person with ease of operation and effective labor saving.

♦Finally,The machine integrates hydraulic pump station, electrical program control and frame organic, which greatly facilitates handling and operation and saves floor space.