What is the Cold pressing rapeseed oil extraction process ?BTMA

What is cold pressing oil extraction

Rapeseed oil is playing a more and more important role in our cooking life .Cold pressed oil can continuously retain the physiologically active compounds in rapeseed , and avoid harmful compounds caused by the denaturation of oils, carbohydrates, proteins  during the high-temperature  process. These active ingredients possess a particular level of heat-sensitive, which is completely kept just in the chilly pressing process.

 The procedure of  Rapeseed cold pressing

Stem, shear, and friction activities in the oil press chamber do not crush the entire rapeseed.Therefore, rapeseed must be peeled off before pressing on the oil press medium, and the peeled rapeseed must be thin, uniform.Less powder, about 3mm depth, no oil on the surface.Gradually increase the temperature of the pressure chamber, the moisture will reduce, generally less than 8% is larger, otherwise the cold pressure oil will be more difficult to press.

In order to increase the effect of cold pressing , it is necessary to press a part of the cold pressing cake. However, reducing the double pressure can improve the yield, improve the color and color, and reduce the speed of cold pressing oil extraction. In addition, the cake has high oil content, loose arrangement and uniform wax, which is not conducive to the subsequent audit process.Usually, the amount of double pressure can be controlled in a third of the cold-pressed dessert.

The steamer can be used for several tons of cold-pressed materials, and the oil return of cold-pressed materials can be increased, thus reducing the number of double-pressed cold-pressed desserts.However, oil paint is sensitive to hot pressing.As the temperature rises, the color of the oil will of course deepen, and so will the phospholipids and other materials mixed with rubber in the oil.When the pressure temperature exceeds 60℃, there is no obvious difference between the color of the oil and the temperature and pressure.Therefore, in order to make the cold pressing oil use a mild tone and good quality, the material should strive not to preheat and then press on.




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