Process flow of sunflower oil processed by screw press

Sunflower oil is a high-grade cooking oil

Sunflower oil is an edible oil processed from the kernels of sunflower seeds, also called melon seed oil, but melon seed oil does not only refer to sunflower oil, such as pumpkin seeds, white melon seeds and other processed vegetable oils can also be called melon seed oil.

Sunflower seeds are derived from sunflowers, which are rich in varieties, and there are more than 60 main varieties. The sunflowers used for oil extraction are oil sunflowers, referred to as oil sunflowers. The sunflower oil we eat is processed from this sunflower. Oil sunflower is native to America and is the second largest oil crop in the world.

Screw oil press sunflower oil processing flow

The average oil yield of sunflower seeds is 30%-35%. Sunflower oil is a high-quality edible oil, and its unsaturated fatty acid content exceeds 90%. In addition, it is also rich in vitamin E, carotene, sodium, calcium, zinc and other nutrients.

The processing of sunflower seed oil mostly adopts pressing technology, using screw oil press for oil extraction, and the processing flow is as follows:

First of all, the raw material sunflower seeds are screened, cleaned, and high-quality and clean melon seeds are selected. Shelling the sunflower seeds to obtain the melon seeds inside; roasting, roasting the sunflower kernels, controlling the moisture content of the oil to 3%-5%, and the temperature of the roasted seeds at 110°C-130°C; pressing using screw oil If you choose the cold pressing process, you need to use a hydraulic oil press; filter, degumming, decolorizing, deacidifying, deodorizing, dewaxing and other refining of the crude oil obtained from the pressing to obtain the finished sunflower oil. The dewaxing process is an additional process that must be carried out for sunflower seeds, linseeds, tea seeds and other oil crops with certain waxy cell walls, such as sesame oil and walnut oil, which do not need this step.

Screw oil press

Nutritive value and prospect of sunflower oil

Sunflower oil has a low freezing point and is easily absorbed. Among them, the natural vitamin E content is the first among all major vegetable oils. Vitamin E can improve lipid metabolism and effectively reduce wrinkles. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and women who love beauty.

As far as the current stage is concerned, consumers of small varieties and high-end vegetable oils have strong demand and rapid growth. As one of the high-end vegetable oils, sunflower oil is exported to countries like Russia and Ukraine, where they mainly eat sunflower oil. This means that more than half of sunflower oil is dependent on imports. Therefore, the future prospect of the sunflower oil market is promising.