What are the machines that can squeeze peanut oil?

Squeeze peanut oil equipment include the electric frying pan.The equipment is characterized by simple structure, easy operation and low price.

What are the processing procedures before squeeze peanut oil.

Machines for extracting peanut oil—roasting and frying equipment
Equipment for squeezing peanut oil

Roasting and frying equipment

1. The roasting and frying equipment exported by BTMA Machinery Company is the most advanced at present. The cylinder of the equipment is a sandwich structure, and the inner wall of the inner cylinder is equipped with a lifting plate for advancing and stirring materials. The high-temperature flue gas from the hot blast stove is passed into the interlayer of the cylinder, and heat is transferred to the material through the inner cylinder wall. The peanut oil after cleaning and water selection enters the cylinder from the feed inlet, the inclined cylinder rotates continuously, and the lifting board in the cylinder pushes the peanuts to realize turning and roasting.

2. The closed cylinder electric frying pan is a stir-frying equipment that can be perfectly matched with the peanut oil press. The design of the equipment is scientific and reasonable, with a thermometer, easy to operate, and the frying efficiency is very high. The electric frying pan is closed, which can effectively control the heat dissipation, and can not only steam but also fry, thereby speeding up the frying speed.

Another advantage of this type of electric frying pan is the continuous flipping operation, and the fried material is constantly turned so that its surface can evenly contact the pot surface. This avoids defects such as uneven raw and cooked seeds in the frying pan, flammability and scorching, etc., thereby improving the oil yield and oil quality.

3. The electric frying pan is the earliest frying equipment used in conjunction with the peanut oil press. The equipment is characterized by simple structure, easy operation and low price. BTMA electric frying pan can be used to process a variety of oils, such as peanuts, soybeans, cocoa, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, rapeseed, etc.