Soybean oil prices are in a downward trend on Mar 30th


The soybean price is in a downward trend today


According to the China Report Hall’s latest national soybean oil price forecast trend monitoring on March 30, 2021, the highest price of soybean oil today is 9249.99 yuan/ton, and the lowest price of soybean oil is 9199.99 yuan/ton. The price difference is about 50 yuan/ton.


The average price of soybean oil was 9216.66 yuan/ton, yesterday’s average price was 9366.66 yuan/ton, a decrease of 150 yuan/ton from yesterday, or 1.6% from yesterday. The national soybean oil price is in a downward trend compared with yesterday.


—–From China Report Hall Data Center  



There are many advantages in the soybean oil


Soybean oil is one of the edible oils commonly eaten by modern Chinese. Many people don’t know much about soybean oil. Although they often eat it, they don’t understand the specific benefits of soybean oil. In fact, the oil is rich in a variety of trace elements, which can be absorbed by the body smoothly. This is something that other edible oils cannot do.


According to a research by a team of nutrition experts at the University of California, soybean oil can promote nutritional balance in the body, because it  is very rich in phosphorus, which allows the body to break down more nutrients, thereby promoting the body’s metabolic cycle and making humans more healthy. At the same time, the fat content in this kind oil is relatively low.



Generally speaking, the fat in soybean oil is automatically broken down, so the human body generally does not absorb too much fat, so soybean oil has the effect of avoiding obesity. From a nutritional point of view, it  is the most suitable edible oil for the human body and will not increase the burden on the human body.


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