The process of using soybean oil filter

Soybean oil filter machine is used to remove waste oil from soybean dregs. Soybean oil filter machine is mainly composed of power, driving device, oil inlet pipe, oil filter, filter cloth and so on. The whole system is composed of main engine, oil inlet pipe, filter plate, filter cloth and so on. The filter cloth of the soybean oil filter is made of stainless steel or copper alloy (thickness 0.7~2 mm), lined with high-quality oil-resistant resin material through precision stamping and forming. The filter cloth must to exchange in time after use. The filter cloth is generally made of nylon material and high-grade fine-to-polyester. The cloth surface is welded by high-quality alloy steel or galvanized steel plate.


1. According to different usage occasions, different filter types can be selected;

Using this machine can realize automatic oil inlet and water outlet without manual operation. It greatly saves the time of manual operation, reduces labor intensity and reduces the cost of staff; the operation is simple and convenient, no foundation is required, only the system and Connect the equipment, turn on the power switch to start operation, without manual operation. The liquid inlet speed is fast, the service life is long, no special filter material is required. The filtration accuracy is high, and it can meet the filtration requirements of various processes. The operation cost is low and the maintenance cost is low .

2. Different power equipment, filter media and corresponding control systems can be configured according to needs;

It is a new type of soybean oil pressing equipment. This equipment can effectively remove the moisture in soybeans during soybean oil processing, making it a good filter material in the application process. It can not only provide energy saving and consumption reduction for soybean factories, but also bring benefits to soybean factories. To greater economic benefits.

The oil filter machine has the advantages of simple structure and stable operation. Compared with traditional soybean oil pressing equipment, soybean oil pressing equipment has the advantages of energy saving, water saving, easy operation, and good filter residue effect. Therefore, it can receive by the majority of bean factories and users. my country is a large soybean country. As a traditional oil exporter, the annual soybean output is as high as hundreds of millions of tons. At the same time.

There are still a large number of soybeans that have not been effectively utilized. As an indispensable and important part of modern soybean processing equipment. Soybean crushing equipment plays an important role in our country increasingly important role.

3. The equipment has the advantages of simple operation, energy saving, manpower saving, and no pollution to the environment;

At present, many types and quantities of edible oil production equipment on the market. There are many different types. Some production equipment is similar to some imported brands of edible oil in appearance design. And some production equipment can completely import. Products, this has caused some informal enterprises to use some poor-quality and cheap edible oil equipment during production. So when choosing to use oil production equipment. You must be careful! Today we will tell you about the differences and points that need attention in the production of edible oil! Before using the soybean oil filter machine, pay attention to whether the oil quality is qualified! The soybean oil filter machine apply to recover the oil and solvent produced in soybeans as raw materials, and process them to obtain high-quality edible oil and realize reuse.

4. Special precautions for cleaning and maintenance of the equipment during operation:

a.Before starting, open each valve and check whether there is any abnormality in each part.

b. When the viscosity of the oil increases, fill up the oil to keep the filter system in normal operation.

c. There is too much oil-water mixture in the filter, the filter system must be stopped.

d. Do not use corrosive solutions and liquids to clean the filter to prevent damage to the filter cloth or the machine; when the filter is clogged, clean or replace the parts in time to ensure the filtration efficiency.