What is the difference between soybean oil and peanut oil?

Soybean oil and peanut oil are widely used vegetable oils. The two oils have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they are frequent visitors on the Chinese food table in daily life. But when buying edible oil, it can be clearly found that the prices of the two oils in the market are different. This is because the two oils are processed differently in process production.

Peanuts are oils with high oil content, and soybeans are oils with low oil content, but there are obvious differences between the two in this regard. Compared with soybeans, peanuts have a wider range of production process options. In industrial production, oil plants can extract peanut oil by pressing or pre-pressing, which can not only ensure the aroma of peanut raw materials, but also achieve an ideal oil yield.
The oil content of soybeans is less than 20%, and the proportion of oil is protein instead of fat, which leads oil factories to consider how to fully extract the fat in the oil without destroying the protein. The pressing method of soybean oil is obviously lacking.

Pressed soybean oil can get a good oil yield after several pressings, but the whole process is time-consuming and laborious, and the protein is severely denatured under high temperature, so it is not suitable for deep processing. Therefore, leaching soybean oil is often used in industrial production, which can not only ensure economic output but also achieve ideal oil yield.

The leaching process and pressing process are common oil-making processes with different working principles, so the subsequent crude oil treatment and refined oil are also different. The pressed peanut oil has a rich aroma and less impurities, and can reach the standard of healthy oil after simple refining and filtration. Therefore, peanut oil is often made into flavor oil in the market, and fragrant peanut oil is very popular in the market.

Solvent leaching of soybean oil is simple and the oil yield is ideal, but the oil contains a small amount of solvent. In order to achieve the standard of healthy oil, strict refining process is required. Refined soybean oil is clear in color and can be processed into blended oil. The ingredients of soybean and peanut oil are different, so the selection of processing technology is naturally different. However, whether it is pressing or leaching oil, as long as the appropriate processing technology is selected, the oil factory can achieve twice the result with half the effort.