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BTMA  soybean oil machine can press about 20 pounds of soybean oil, but how much oil can be pressed depends on the quality of soybeans, pressing process, oil press device and so on. The oil yield of soybean will be affected by different pressing technology and oil press equipment as well as different kinds of soybean (raw material).

1. Raw materials:

The oil from soybean seeds and is the most produced oil in the world. Soybean seeds of different sizes, shapes and colors have different oil content, among which yellow soybean is the main raw material for oil production and has the highest oil content. In addition, according to the type of soybean, it can be divided into soybean oil and transgenic soybean oil. Genetically modified soybeans are often used to extract soybean oil because they are cheaper, yield more and contain more oil than regular soybeans.

2. Extrusion process:

The oil content of soybean is 16% to 22%, which is a low oil content oil. Because of the low oil content of soybeans, the oil is usually extracted by pressing or one-time leaching. But the oil content of the pressed cake is very high, between 35% and 52%, and the oil can be extracted. Therefore, cold pressing and low temperature desolvation (leaching) methods were used. After getting a part of soybean cake with high crude oil and high protein by cold pressing, the oil in the cake can be extracted by low temperature desolving (leaching), and the oil in the soybean can be fully extracted.

3. Oil press equipment:

The oil extractor directly extracts soybean oil, and the oil yield of soybean oil obtained after pretreatment and reuse is not the same.

(1) The direct extraction of soybean oil by the oil press will only limit the factors affecting the soybean oil yield to the quality of soybean and the performance of the oil press container, so the speed of soybean oil yield can only be accelerated by accelerating the quality and performance of oil.

(2) Soybean pretreatment and then press with oil press oil. In the pretreatment stage of soybean, the temperature, moisture, humidity and state of soybean will become the most suitable state for oil press.

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