How much is a small sesame hydraulic oil press machine

Sesame is a high-oil oil-bearing crop, and it is usually pressed through a hydraulic oil press, which has the advantages of a small footprint and excessive production efficiency. the sesame hydraulic oil press can be used for more than one function. It can manner more than 20 kinds of oils inclusive of peanut, soybean, oil sunflower, cottonseed, corn, walnut, and many others., with computerized temperature management and excessive oil yield.

Sesame oil press functions:

1. The urgent temperature is low (room temperature 10-50), and the oil pressed at low temperature is mild in color and rich in nutrition. the completed sesame oil may be received via precipitation and filtration and can be eaten without delay without refining, saving the price of refining
2. Low-temperature urgent has little harm to protein, that’s conducive to the total usage of protein in sesame desserts.
3. Excessive oil yield—compared with the antique device, the ordinary oil yield can be increased by using 2-3 percentage factors, and the average oil yield can be increased through 2-6 catties in keeping with a hundred catties of sesame processed, and the once a year economic benefits are very sizeable.
five. energy saving – the identical output energy can reduce the electrical energy by 40%. calculated by way of saving 6 kilowatt-hours of strength consistent with hour, the daily manufacturing can save 30 yuan in electricity payments.
6. Handy operation – 60% of hard work may be stored for identical output, and 1-2 human beings can organize production.
7. One machine is multi-reason, and it may squeeze extra than 30 styles of oil crops along with peanuts, flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, cottonseed, soybeans, and so forth. multi-level extrusion, one-time extrusion is clean.
8. Small footprint – the oil manufacturing unit needs 10-20 rectangular meters to fulfill the necessities.

How much is a sesame hydraulic oil press 

choosing a great sesame oil press may be very critical for oil-pressing operations. a sesame oil press with solid performance will prevent a whole lot of hassle. the charge of the sesame oil press is especially determined by way of the material and ability of the oil press. the price of btma-small sesame hydraulic press ranges from us$2,000 to us$5,000;