Large-capacity screw oil press shipped to Lusaka

Recently, our company successfully shipped a large-capacity screw oil press, which will be used to help improve the efficiency of edible oil production in Lusaka.

Lusaka is a landlocked country in southern Africa whose climatic conditions and soil quality are very favorable for growing a variety of oil crops. However, due to its relatively backward agricultural production technology and low production efficiency, its domestic supply of edible oil is insufficient. In order to solve this problem, our company decided to provide a large-capacity screw oil press to Lusaka.

This oil press uses the most advanced technology and high-quality materials, which can greatly improve the production efficiency of edible oil. At the same time, its design is simple and easy to operate, making it convenient for farmers to use and maintain. In addition, the machine also features high reliability and long life, which can ensure long-term stable production.

Before shipment, our company conducted strict inspection and testing of this oil press to ensure that its quality and performance meet customer requirements. At the same time, we also provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure that customers can successfully install and use this machine.

Our company has been committed to providing high-quality agricultural equipment and solutions to customers around the world. We believe that this large-capacity screw oil press will bring huge changes and development to Lusaka’s edible oil production.

Finally, we look forward to this oil press being able to play its due role in Lusaka and bring more welfare and development to the local people.