How much is the price of rapeseed oil press equipment

The international market price prospect of rapeseed oil is very good
Market price comparison of rapeseed oil press machine
Introduction to the process of extracting rapeseed oil
How much is the price of rapeseed oil press machine
Rapeseed oil processing equipment includes frying pans, conveyors, refining machines, etc.

Oil yield is the ratio of oil extracted from rapeseed and other oilseed crops to total oil. There is a large difference in climate between the north and the south of my country, and the oil yield of rapeseed varies with the climate of the rapeseed planting area. Generally speaking, the oil yield of rapeseed is between 30% and 40%. Generally, 100 kg of rapeseed can produce about 37 kg of crude oil and 55 kg of meal.

1. Rapeseed oil pressing technology
The semi-finished rapeseed oil extracted by the cold pressing process of the rapeseed screw press machine retains complete nutrition and a refreshing taste. The rapeseed extracted by hot pressing technology has a high oil yield and a mellow taste, which is deeply loved by the public.

1. Cold pressing process

Rapeseed selection→cleaning and removing impurities→conditioning→cold pressing→cold pressing crude oil→coarse filtration→fine filtration→semi-finished rapeseed oil.

2. Hot pressing process

Rapeseed raw materials → cleaning and removing impurities → shelling → crushing → pressing embryos → steaming and frying → pressing → filtering → crude rapeseed oil.

2. How to increase the yield of rapeseed oil
1. Choose high-quality raw materials

Choose high-quality oil with high oil content and plump appearance. The quality of oil is the key factor in determining the oil yield.

2. Do a good job of removing impurities.

Pretreatment of impurities before oil expression can effectively improve the oil yield of rapeseed. Dirt and dust contained in rapeseed raw materials will absorb oil during oil extraction and affect oil yield.

3. Control temperature and dry humidity.

Different oils have different properties. Take rapeseed and peanuts as an example:

Rapeseed is a medium-viscosity hard-shell crop, and the resistance generated during oil extraction is large. The machine temperature should be controlled at around 130°C, the raw material temperature at around 130°C, and the moisture content at 1.5%-2.5%.
Peanut is a kind of high-viscosity soft-shell crop, which produces less resistance during the oil extraction process, so all indicators should be relatively low when pressing rapeseed. The machine temperature is controlled at 140°C-160°C, the raw material temperature is 140°C-160°C, and the moisture content is 2.5%-3.5%).
4. Choose rapeseed oil pressing equipment.

When choosing equipment, there are three main points to focus on:

The working pressure of the equipment should be high, the higher the pressure, the higher the oil yield;
The slag content of the equipment should be low, the lower the slag content, the higher the oil yield;
The lower the cake residual oil rate, the higher the oil yield.

Rapeseed oil press equipment price

1. Hot pressing

The price of a single oil press: 10000+, the price difference is mainly caused by the different processing capacity.
Price of oil pressing production line: The processing capacity of hot pressing rapeseed oil production line is 100-1000 kg per hour, and the quotation of oil equipment manufacturers is 20,000-70,000.
3. Cold pressing

The price of a single oil press: According to the different processing capacity, the price quoted by the manufacturer is more than 10,000 yuan. Just because the rapeseed cold press has its own vacuum filtration system (the cold press production line does not need to be equipped with a filter), the price is usually slightly higher than that of the hot press, and the overall price is basically the same.
Price of oil pressing production line: The processing capacity of cold pressing rapeseed oil production line is 120-400kg per hour, and the price quoted by BTMA oil equipment manufacturers is about 1,000 US dollars.