How much is the price of the newest small oil press? Is it cost-effective?

There are many types and models of small oil press equipment at present. The birth of the newest small oil press reflects the consumers’ health awareness.

However, when the machine was first born and entered the market, although it caused a sensation in the market, its poor reputation and low efficiency limited its further popularization in the market. This is because in the case of immature equipment development, oil press manufacturers are eager to launch oil press equipment in order to seize the market.

Now the latest model small oil press is the product of the improvement and upgrading of the old oil press. While the quality has made a qualitative leap, the price is still low, so it can be a high-priced product. The innovations of the newest model small oil press are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Innovative appearance

In the past, the small oil press equipment basically adopted a colorless design, and the whole body did not attract customers. Now the internal structure has been readjusted and a new innovative design has been carried out. In addition, color is used to enhance the aesthetic feeling, making the oil pressing equipment more delicate. It is more convenient to disassemble and clean.

2. Function innovation

Improve equipment efficiency, adopt ergonomic design, innovate pressure rod, fixed structure between pressure chamber and engine, smaller volume, faster efficiency and lower failure rate.

3. Material innovation

Advanced technology also requires well-matched materials and high-quality materials, which greatly extend the service life of the equipment. With the improvement of people’s health concept, the future development trend of the new type of small oil press can be expected. In short, the oil press industry has great potential for development, and we need to work together and develop together.

4. The small oil press price

According to production capacity, configuration, processing raw materials and other factors. , the price of oil extraction equipment will be different. The price of high-quality oil press equipment produced by big brand oil press manufacturers is around US$1,000.