How is the price of new oil press machine affected?

How is the price of new oil press machine affected? With the emergence of oil presses in the market, more and more people are buying oil presses. Some oil presses have high prices, while others have low prices. The same equipment has different prices, so the price of oil presses By what? The following is introduced by the BTMA oil press manufacturer.

One of the factors affecting the price of oil press: raw materials

The main factor affecting the price of oil press is the price of raw materials when manufacturing oil press. We know that the main raw material of oil press is steel, so the price of steel directly affects the price of oil press. If the price of steel is on the rise, the price of the oil press is also rising.

The second factor affecting the price of oil press: the attributes of the oil press itself

Under the same manufacturing cost, the specifications and production parameters of the oil press are also the main factors affecting the price. When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate specification according to your actual needs, so as not to waste money.

The third factor affecting the price of oil press: technology and process

Of course, there are factors of technology and workmanship that also affect the price of oil presses. The technical content of the oil press is high, and the natural selling price is expensive. When purchasing, you need to know the various technical parameters of each model and style.

In addition, for the same oil press equipment, some people buy it very expensive, and some people buy it very cheap. This is because the expensive one is bought in the hands of the dealer, and the dealer has to make the difference; it is cheap to buy The best ones are specially purchased from oil press manufacturers. In fact, if you want to buy an oil press with high quality and good price, you should choose a regular oil press manufacturer.

Today’s oil press equipment industry is developing rapidly, and there are many refining equipment manufacturers. When we buy oil presses, we can’t just look at the price blindly, but we must comprehensively consider product quality, service level and later maintenance.

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