BTMA-Effective measures to prevent the failure of plate and frame oil filter in operation

The oil filter has two types: panel type and panel frame type. According to the position of the filter plate, there are vertical and horizontal. The type of oil filter is also different due to the material, filter cloth, filter plate and so on.

In particular, the frame oil filter is very useful in industry and pharmaceutical, environmental protection and other industries. But there will be various problems after the frame oil filter is often used. How to solve these problems has become a problem worth considering, and preventive measures are direct means.

1. System maintenance personnel and various protection devices of the system cannot be short-circuited. Discover, quickly judge and deal with equipment anomalies or accidents to prevent the expansion of accidents. Record abnormal phenomena or accidents and report them to the manager or leader.

2. Before opening the power supply of the frame oil filter, check whether the proximity switch of the travel switch and the solenoid valve are damaged. If they are damaged, they should be replaced in time.

3, no one can adjust the system without the interlocking, protection devices and the consent of the responsible department. If adjustment is needed, it must be approved by the competent department and approved by the professional responsible person. The adjustment should be recorded.

4. Pay attention to whether there is oil in the washing pump and oil pump of the frame oil filter and whether the screws at the bottom are loose.

Plate and frame oil filter

5, if the system stops, first of all to stop the particle pump power supply, check and clean the particle head, puddles, receiving tank, particle pump. To check, replace, and clean the nozzle. The hydraulic system must be stopped. To check the belt, you must first stop the belt conveyor power supply.

6. The driving part of the air compressor and the conveyor belt is regularly supplied with oil to release water twice a day on the oil surface and in the air compressor storage tank.

7. When there is any phenomenon threatening the safety of personnel and equipment during the operation of the plate frame oil filter system. The system should be stopped immediately and the hot slag should be poured into the dry slag pit or slag tank.

8. Pay close attention to the number of grains in the system. If the amount of particulate matter is significantly reduced, the drum is broken, the tape is severe, or there is a “large warning” signal in the operating room. It should be immediately transferred to the dry slag pit or slag tank to prevent the flow of liquid slag into the particle system.

The reason for the rapid development and widespread use of plate and frame oil filter is that the positive pressure, high pressure dehydration and differential pressure are much larger than the traditional vacuum filter. So the filter cake moisture is low, the energy consumption is low, the metal loss is small, the filtrate is clear and transparent.