How to Operate a Plate and Frame Oil Filter

The working principle of the plate and frame oil filter: the plate and frame oil filter is a kind of oil filter. The working principle is to use the oil filter to filter out the oil in the plate and frame. 

It is a small mechanical device that can handle many commonly used filter materials in life. The oil filter has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and good oil filtering effect.

The oil filter unit has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large oil filtering capacity, good sealing performance of the oil filter, and easy maintenance.

Applied in various industries. Its structure: working principle: the plate and frame oil filter is a kind of oil filter. The filters out the oil in the plate and frame and then discharges it through the exhaust hole.

The first filters the impurities in the plate and frame before discharging the filtered oil. And then use the oil pump to discharge the impurities in the oil filter from the exhaust pipe into the oil tank.

Can the filter hole of the oil filter filter oil or clean oil? Filter oil or clear liquid? Oil or liquid? Hydraulic oil or fuel? The oil filter generally needs to use a large amount of machine oil for filtering and lubricating work during the production process. It will increase the life of the machine filter parts. And various problems often occur in the later use process. Therefore, during maintenance, care should be taken to prevent the oil filter from being disassembled or cleaned and maintained after the oil pump and machine filter parts are disassembled;

In addition, attention should also be paid to the timely maintenance of the oil pump and machine filter parts.

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