Peanut oil processing equipment production line recommendation

If you want to invest in a peanut oil grease factory, but choose what process peanut oil processing equipment? Henan benteng machinery recommended peanut oil processing equipment of three different processes, and attached a detailed list of peanut oil machinery equipment. Let you understand the market, less detours, help your peanut oil production project profit as soon as possible!

1. Complete equipment for small peanut oil pressing

Process: Hot press extraction of peanut oil, roasting + pressing + simple filtration.

Equipment list: electric frying pan + screw oil press + plate and frame filter

If your peanut oil production plant is small and has a daily processing capacity of 5-10 tons/day, our engineers recommend that you purchase small peanut oil processing equipment, including drum frying pans, screw oil presses and plate and frame filters. This scheme has low investment cost and can also be used for automatic production, saving time and labor to meet the needs of small peanut oil production plants.

2. Medium peanut oil processing equipment production line

Process: cleaning and removing stone, crushing, pressing embryo, steaming, oil pressing, refining, filling.

Equipment list: pretreatment equipment + peanut oil press + small refining equipment + filling machine

If the daily processing capacity of peanut oil production plant is 10-30 tons/day, then the need for peanut oil processing equipment will naturally be more than planned. Different from the first scheme, the second scheme adopts the way of pressing and refining, which can realize the double requirements of the customer for quality and output, bringing higher economic benefits. The scheme has strong continuity, high production efficiency and good quality of finished peanut oil. It is suitable for middle-sized peanut oil factories.

3. Large peanut oil processing plant

Process: hulling + cleaning + grinding + embryo rolling + cooking + prepressing + leaching + peanut oil refining

Equipment list: pretreatment equipment + prepressing + leaching equipment + refining equipment + filling equipment.

This scheme is a complete large-scale peanut edible oil production line, suitable for large-scale peanut oil production plants with a daily processing capacity of more than 30 tons. The method of preloading leaching can extract more peanut oil, and the residual oil rate of peanut cake can be controlled below 1%. Peanut prepressing and leaching production line has high automation, high working efficiency and is suitable for large-scale peanut oil production plants.