BTAM-How much do you know about peanut oil presses?

Peanut oil press is a new type of oil press, which can use to press peanut oil. Peanut oil press adopts micro-electric control to save electricity consumption. The peanut oil press uses infrared heating in its work, which makes the production process very safe with low danger. The pressed peanut oil is filtering by vacuum, which is healthy and environmentally friendly, so that customers can rest assured after seeing it. Peanut oil press can be used for hot pressing, which is the ideal equipment for individual processing selection. At the same time, peanut oil press is also a more advanced oil press machinery on the market.

The peanut oil press produced in our company uses a net press, which saves labor and time. Using this kind of oil press can greatly improve the oil yield of peanut oil. Its power is small and the oil quality is pure. Most importantly, it can use for the multiple purposes, such as sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean and other oils.

The material composition of peanut oil press

The peanut oil press produced by our factory adopts military material — chromium 12, which is resistant to high temperature and can not be deformed under high temperature environment with high hardness. For example,Chromium has 8-10 times longer service life than carbon steel. The cake outlet of the machine is made of high carbon steel, with good wear resistance and continuous operation. Our exported peanut oil press can be used for more than ten years.

Knowledge of hot pressed peanut oil

Hot pressing process of peanut oil: First, we need to select fresh top-quality peanuts and pour them into the wok for hot frying. For instance, fry until golden and creamy and fragrant. Second, the hot fried peanut oil is poured into the oil press for pressing.

Peanut oil is good in the frying material, there is a saying in the oil industry: “seven points fry, three points press”. Therefore, we must pay attention to the basic work of extracting peanut oil, so that we can extract high-quality peanut oil.