The choice of peanut oil press, price and quality are very important

The oil content in peanuts is more than 30%, which is a high oil content, so peanut oil accounts for a relatively high proportion in the grain and oil market. In industrial production, the pressing method is often used to extract oil from peanuts. The pressing method extracts the oil in peanuts through physical external force, which can not only retain the flavor of the oil, but also ensure the health of the oil. The choice of peanut oil presses, price and quality are very important

Therefore, when producing peanut oil, both large oil factories and small oil mills will be equipped with oil presses. There are many peanut oil presses on the market, but the oil presses produced by different machinery and equipment factories are different in appearance and price. How to choose the right oil press? It has become a problem that many friends need to solve.
In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. The oil factory can consider the quality and price of the equipment. Oil press machine plays an important role in peanut oil pressing. The peanut oil press is equipped in the oil factory to produce healthy oil that meets the standards, and it will be loved by consumers when it is sent to the market. Therefore, it is required that the quality of the purchased oil press can ensure the smooth production of the oil factory.

The peanut oil presses with good quality and good output can be more popular in the market and allow the oil factory to obtain good profits. So when choosing a peanut oil press, the quality of the equipment is very important. Choosing a high-quality oil press can make the oil factory get twice the result with half the effort.

It is recommended that oil factories cooperate with powerful machinery and equipment factories, so that the quality of equipment and after-sales service can be guaranteed. Of course, when purchasing equipment, quality is not enough, and the price of equipment also needs to be compared. The price of the peanut oil presses will directly determine the production cost of the oil factory, so the price should be considered under the premise of the same quality.

When the oil factory purchases peanut oil press for an hour, it can go to some manufacturers of oil pressing equipment to visit and inspect, to see the scale of the manufacturer, to know whether the manufacturer has relevant certificates, to understand the previous customer’s evaluation of the manufacturer, and then compare the quality of the equipment and price, choose the right equipment.