About the capacity and oil yield of household oil press

Now people are planting more and more crops, eating more and more oil, and various edible oils appear on the market.Oil yield of household oil press is much more hight than public oil presses.

With the rise of oil extraction, BTMA‘s oil press technology is advanced. Many foreign entrepreneurs have started to produce household oil presses. But this kind of machine is not well-known, and many customers don’t know it yet.

Household oil presses can be used for raw and cooked oil presses, which is much more convenient than public oil presses. The oil that can be squeezed out without baking is particularly fragrant, and can better retain the taste and nutrition of the raw materials. If it is cooked, household oil press oil yield is high and pure, and household oil press will taste better than raw squeezed.

The household oil press uses pure physical pressing to extract the purest oil. It can be eaten without any additives.

The home version oil press has a high-quality appearance and high-quality manufacturing. It adopts the best stainless steel material, strict painting process, non-toxic and harmless, and will not leave oil stains under fingerprints. It looks great.

The boot head and various buttons of the machine are designed away from the heating block of the machine to prevent yourself from being injured when squeezing oil and pulling out the plug. It greatly improves safety and makes you more at ease.

It adopts food-grade 304 stainless steel extrusion chamber and 316 thickened stainless steel extrusion rod. It makes contact with raw materials safer and healthier, and can be used for a long time.

Try not to squeeze the raw material too hard. As this will easily damage the screw in the extrusion chamber, resulting in shortened machine life and material blockage.

Capacity of household oil press: 8-10 kg of raw materials can be squeezed per hour. If the oil content is low, you can squeeze 3 taels of oil. If the oil content is high, about 5 taels of oil can be squeezed out.

Preheat the oil for ten minutes before pressing, and then you can start pressing. The pressing time is short and the power consumption is low. It only consumes one kilowatt-hour of electricity for two hours.

Oil residue after oil extraction is also a precious material. Oil residue also contains most of the nutrients of raw materials, such as protein and elements that are beneficial to the body. It can be eaten, fished, planted and planted, and turned waste into treasure.

Its operation is also very simple, and the oil can be squeezed out by preheating the material when it is powered on. It has complete functions, can squeeze many raw materials, low cost and high oil yield.

BTMA’s oil presses are the oil presses of choice. Compared with the large-scale oil press in the oil workshop. The household oil press purchased from BTMA does not take up space, is cost-effective, and can be used for a longer period of time.