Moringa seed oil press: a new type of functional oil processing machine

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Moringa seeds are the seeds of the Moringa tree. Originally produced in India, it is cultivated in Yunnan, Hainan and other places in my country.

The Moringa tree can be said to be full of treasures, and its leaves, flowers, tender pods, and seeds (Moringa seeds) can be eaten directly; in recent years, the therapeutic and medicinal value of Moringa has been widely recognized, especially The value of the oil extracted from Moringa seeds is used by the United Nations as one of the aid projects to solve the food shortage in Africa.

Whether you eat Moringa seeds directly or extract oil from them, the outer hard shell needs to be removed, but don’t throw away the removed shell. Very useful, can be used to soak water. It has a certain effect on regulating blood pressure and losing weight. The refined oil processed from Moringa seeds can not only be used to cook delicious food, but also has functions that other edible oils do not have, such as skin care and mechanical lubrication.

Moringa seeds oil press

Why is moringa seed oil called a new type of functional edible oil?

Moringa seed oil is a newly developed edible oil in the last two years. After testing the nutrients in the oil, it was found that the oil content of Moringa seeds is about 30%. From vitamin A, B, C, E, protein to calcium, potassium, iron and almost all kinds of minerals are available. As edible oil, Moringa seed oil can not only cook and season food, but also reduce blood fat.
Because cold-pressed Moringa seed oil contains natural antioxidants, Moringa seed oil is not perishable. In other words, it stores longer and has greater antioxidant capacity than most cooking oils. It has the characteristics of high protein, low fiber, fast growth, and wide adaptability. It has become a new type of oil food resource developed and utilized in my country in recent years, and has played a certain role in alleviating the shortage of edible oil and feed grain in my country.

Moringa seeds use

Along with the promotion of Moringa seeds, a new type of functional oil processing machine has been developed.
The application of Moringa seeds in direct consumption and cosmetics industry has matured, but in China, including many countries in China, it is still in its infancy. Relevant countries and regions are in-depth research and development of the application value of Moringa seeds. When more people paid attention to moringa seed oil, a new type of functional oil processing machine, moringa seed oil press, came into being.

Moringa seed oil press cold pressing process

Because of the high nutritional value of Moringa seeds, cold pressing is often used. After peeling, the Moringa seeds enter the oil press to extract oil. The temperature during pressing should not be higher than 75°C, and the speed of the machine should be 36r/min. Moringa seed oil is dark because cold-pressed oil is dark in color. Therefore, after cold pressing, it needs refining treatment such as deacidification and degumming. If it is used for other purposes such as medical or mechanical lubrication, different processes are required to complete the production of Moringa seed oil with corresponding quality requirements.