One of the latest profitable industries in 2023 – oil pressing equipment (oil processing)

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Edible oil is an indispensable dietary companion in our life. It contains unique nutrients, making us healthier and more nutritious. One of the oils is called “21st Century Healthy Nutrient Oil”, which is the edible oil we often eat: sunflower oil. oil pressing equipment.

oil pressing equipment

Sunflower oil, also known as sunflower oil, is rich in the former Soviet Union, Canada, and the United States. The sunflower oil we are talking about is the edible oil obtained by pressing the sunflower with an oil press, and the sunflower is the “seed”.

There are two ways to make sunflower oil, one is pure physical pressing, and the other is refining. The sunflower oil produced by pressing oil sunflowers with an oil press is very common in the market, and this is a technology that has existed for a long time.

The sunflower oil processed by the refining process is also sold very well in the market, but this also depends on the region. Some people like to eat pure physical pressed oil, while others like to eat refined first-grade oil.   oil pressing equipment.

Some people say that it is not safe to eat sunflower oil squeezed out of an oil press, is it true? In fact, we have to consider this matter from different angles. Now the oil press equipment technology is very advanced, from the screening of raw materials, shelling, frying, to the pressing of the oil press, and the fine filtration of the filter, the sunflower oil processed in this way is healthy and nutritious.

Purely physically pressed sunflower oil is called crude oil in food technology, and crude oil contains more peptized impurities. We know that when the oil is burned to a certain temperature, it will smoke, and the smoke will be very harmful to the eyes and respiratory tract. In addition, the smoke will also produce other harmful substances. The state when the oil starts to smoke is called the smoke point. The smoke point of crude sunflower seed oil is less than 110 degrees, but it can reach more than 230 degrees after refining, which shows the advantages of refined edible oil.

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