Oil press and olive oil good match.

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Oil press and olive oil:

The perfect pairing for use and preservation

An oil press and olive oil are indispensable partners in the kitchen. Known as “liquid gold”, olive oil is a specialty of countries and regions along the Mediterranean Sea. It has rich nutritional value and unique flavor. Using and storing olive oil correctly will allow you to better enjoy this delicious flavor.


Making olive oil using an oil press:

Choose high-quality olive fruits. It is best to choose olive fruits grown in areas with sufficient sunshine, fertile soil and abundant rainfall to ensure the quality and taste of olive oil. Clean the olive fruits. Use cold running water to wash the olive fruit to remove impurities and pesticide residues. Put the washed olive fruits into the oil press, adjust the pressure and temperature, and start pressing the oil. Pour the extracted olive oil into a clean container and store it in a cool, dark place.

To preserve olive oil:

Place in a cool and dark place. The optimal storage temperature is 5 to 15. Avoid strong light, especially direct sunlight, otherwise it will affect the quality of the olive oil. Avoid high temperatures. Do not place olive oil in high temperatures, as high temperatures will accelerate the oxidation process of olive oil and affect its quality. Cap the bottle promptly after use. After each use of olive oil, be sure to close the cap in time to avoid oxidation. Do not store in ordinary metal containers. Olive oil will react with metal and affect the quality of the oil, so avoid using metal containers to store olive oil.

In general, the oil press can help us produce fresh and high-quality olive oil, and the correct storage method can ensure the taste and nutritional value of the olive oil. By using your oil press and preserving your olive oil correctly, you’ll be able to enjoy this delicious treat even more!