Oil machinery and equipment is the key to determine the quality of edible oil


With the improvement of people’s living standards and the strengthening of health awareness, in the case of increasingly serious environmental pollution, food health problems have become the main factor that seriously affects everyone’s health. Among them, the health problems of edible oil are more prominent, such as gutter oil, industrial oil, expired oil and other phenomena appear frequently. It has become a very difficult thing to buy edible oil. BTMA Oil machinery and equipment Engineer reminds everyone that oil machinery equipment is the key to determine the quality of edible oil.

Reasons why the oil mill has become a popular industry:

1. Health. You can bring your own oil or buy oil on the spot. The quality can be seen, and you can see the pressing process, so you can eat with more confidence.
2. Comprehensive nutrition. Different types of oils have different benefits to the human body. You can squeeze out less oil each time and change the cooking oil regularly to meet the different needs of your family and squeeze out different oils.
As an important equipment for squeezing edible oil, the oil press directly affects the nutrition and health of the squeezed edible oil. The oil press equipment launched by Zhengzhou Penguin can realize the whole process of pure physical oil production, and the high-performance transmission makes the pressing efficiency Higher than the peers, the oil is separated from the oil plant by extrusion, and the whole oil extraction process is very short. BTMA grain and oil machinery oil press has four advantages and leads the market.

(1) Produced by the source manufacturer, there is no middleman, and the ordered equipment is shipped directly from the factory, and the price is very affordable. It is suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturers and is tailor-made for entrepreneurs.
(2) The panel operation is simple and convenient, and it can be done with one key. Small size, more convenient for cleaning and maintenance
(3) The extracted oil is healthy and hygienic, fresh and nutritious, so you can eat it with confidence and no longer have to worry about the quality of the oil;
(4) Powerful functions, made of food-grade raw materials, wide range of pressing, many choices of oil, easy and convenient to purchase. The oil yield is over 90%, which is equivalent to the level of industrial oil extraction.

BTMA mechanical oil press equipment not only guarantees quality, but also does not have to worry about all aspects of after-sales. It fundamentally solves everyone’s worries. Such equipment is the must-have equipment for squeezing out healthy edible oil.