Performance and characteristics of new hydraulic oil press

1. The new hydraulic oil press can press oil directly, and the whole process only takes about 10 minutes to complete. Suitable for field pressing in oil plant, especially for pressing sesame and other high oil crops.

2. Absorb the advantages of similar foreign models, reasonable design, compact structure. Adopt super piston pump and gear pump mutual compensation, large flow cartridge valve, liquid level rise fast, small pressure loss, programmable controller control. Stable operation, accurate, reliable, low power consumption.

3. Made of selected high quality steel. All parts are chrome plated, beautiful and neat appearance; All parts of the hydraulic hydraulic press are precisely calculated so that they are rigid, reliable, strong and durable.

4. The pressing force point is uniform and reasonable, and the oil yield is high. The oil purification rate can reach 98.8-99.2%.

5. Preset pressure and temperature, automatic control of the working process. For example, if the BTMA oil pressing production line is matched, the whole pressing process can be completed by one person.

6. The machine integrates the hydraulic pump station, electrical program control and the frame organically, which greatly facilitates the handling and operation and saves the floor area.

New hydraulic oil press instructions

1. Connect to the power supply :(if the three-phase power supply is connected to the single-phase 220V power supply at the same time).

2. Spring, autumn, winter please turn on the heating (60-90℃), summer please turn on the heating (50-70℃).

3. Open the top plate of the host and place the filter pad.

4. Then add the oil.

5. Put the filter pad on again and cover with the top pad.

6. Place a cushion and cover the top plate.

7. Turn the work switch to the automatic position and press the work button to start working. (If the joystick is in the unloading position, the main engine piston will not work).

8. After the oil hydraulic press works normally, the main engine starts to press oil. When the pressure gauge pointer points to 60MPa, the pump stops working and the pressure gauge drops. When the pointer points to 54mpa, the pump automatically starts working. When it reaches 60MPa, the pump stops automatically. After repeated repetitions, the interval between start and stop becomes longer and longer. When the oil has dripped for 3-4 seconds, the oil is pressed.

9. Press the stop switch of the pump and pull the control lever after the oil is pressed. When there is a gap between the top plate of the main engine and the column, open the top cover and push the control rod to stop unloading.

10. Press the start button, the host starts to work, and the fritters start to move up. The machine stopped working after the oil residue was removed from the barrel. Once the cake is out, one operation is done.

3. Notes for new hydraulic oil press

1. After the oil is drained, cover with a cushion.

2. Put the roof of the car completely before turning on the power.

3. If the pressure gauge is not pressed down after the oil pump starts to work. Please open the tank cover and adjust the relief valve cover of the large plunger pump core first. When the pressure gauge reads 40mpa and the system is working properly, adjust the two small relief valve covers on both sides. If even the pressure gauge shows 60mpa, the system should be working properly. If there is any abnormality, please stop the machine to check whether the fixing screw of the hydraulic system is loose, and whether the pipeline is leaking oil, and tighten it.

4. After taking out the slag cake, the empty bucket should be discharged when removing the oil residue.

5. Internal pressure should be eliminated when removing oil residue.

6. Check the power supply when the button does not work.

7. When the piston slowly rises, check the rotation direction of the motor.

8. If the power supply is normal, but the host does not press the start button, open the oil tank cover, take out the check valve assembly, and clean and install the internal spring and valve needle respectively.

9. The pressure gauge pointer does not rise when it reaches 20-40mpa. Please open the tank cap and check for oil leakage. If oil leaks are found, replace the filler.

10. When the pressure gauge exceeds 40mpa, the large pump core continues to work, will not overflow; When the pressure of the pressure gauge exceeds 60mpa, the two small pump cores will continue to work without overflow, please open the oil tank cover and reverse rotate the corresponding hex nut.

11. Before commissioning, users need to ground or zero the shell reliably according to the regulations of the local power grid. No one except the staff is allowed to touch the equipment during work.